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1980-85 Machinist with Ex-Cell-O Canada
1985-95 Mechanical Designer with Big O Inc
PCT Patent US# 5,510,071

1996-2018 Project Mgr
- RMS Equipment
- Central Ontario Metal
- JET Fluid Systems
- SIHI Engineered Systems
- WHITELAW Auto & Industrial

Paid CHMW - Oct.9, 2021 $60/yr
Paid CHMW - Feb.2, 2022 $60/yr
Paid CHMW - Feb.23, 2023 $60/yr
Paid CHMW - Mar.14, 2024 $150
July 5
Kitchener, Ontario
Process Mechanical - Consultant


Len VanWonderen CET
Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA
KING KC-15VS Mill w/ DROs
MAXXT R2103 Porta-band
QCAD Professional


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