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    8ft X6ft X 3/8" steel plate

    yup.... I can picture a life-size buffalo gong at 1000 yrds
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    Dry Dock heavy lifts and some additional information from the Home Built Gantry Thread

    Buddy of mine who owned a machine shop ( building with a bunch of manual lathes/mills & one CNC mill) in Cowtown often lamented to me that in the high demand time for machining done ( high one-off oilfield demand), when advertising for new employee's, he would receive 20 resume's for people...
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    Better drill press vise?

    Acme threads don't bind up as bad as pointed threads when being advanced or loosened under pressure ...less friction than to the larger area of a thread with longer slope to a thread crown and also less thread count per inch reduces engagement per inch of object but retains strength .
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    Better drill press vise?

    The last Acme tread rod I needed( for a cannon barrel elevation jack) I purchased from a local Bolt Supply House establishment . They had a large selection (1/4"-1 1/4") of the rods & corresponding nuts in regular stock.
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    Old Busy bee bandsaw

    Your gonna like it big time I bet. I was given a 4x6 metal bandsaw by a shop foreman that characterized it as a "wore out piece of junk" that you can have for hauling it away...and he helped me load it too. That was at least 25 yrs ago and I have never done a thing to that saw except change...
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    I purchased a Tete a sloter switch defecteuse !!!! Ya Baby!

    an auction with a minimum starting bid on everything isnt an auction...its an expensive garage sale.
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    Metal punch ideas...??

    I'll be long dead by the time i learn how to "link" any thing on this confounded machine...Google CASTBOOLITS and search "free-check' cutters in there. There are two ways to effectively PC bullets, the "shake & bake" method that requires the Value village oven & an old margarine container...
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    Machine Shop Auction in LaCorey

    Hmmm, there used to be a member on the CGNZ forum named Bartok but cant find any reference to him I know the reason...
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    Metal punch ideas...??

    As YYC says, I have made my own check-maker...but that was before I discovered Powder coating cast slugs...PCing slugs has basically made GC obsolete except to the most religious of sticklers of historical check-cutter basically has been retired to only a over-powder wad cutter for...
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    Some Mods To the Belt Drive On My Mill

    Excellent, very worthwhile job, something I contemplated doing to my belt mill as well but just never "got around to it ".
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    Home built gantry cranes

    the thing is...with trolley installed, it is there to use when the gantry is level...if it isnt level, just move trolley to the side & double wrap the cross bar with chain as a non-sliding lifting point...trolley will still be there for next time.
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    FREE - 3" Metal Screen/Fencing (3+ Full Sheets) - GONE NOW

    If somebody has a flat-deck trailer that needs some sides, that would work beautifully ,easy to mount & not much wind resistance on the road.
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    Hardinge DV59 lathe

    A fellow I used to do business with from Ontario made screw sets for antique rifles. Never seen his lathe but he said he used a Hardinge for all his repetitious work. Expensive little buggers but those screws he made were perfect replicas of originals from late 1800's....lost track of him, sure...
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    CNC plasma cutter build

    another method for accurate bends, should you have a hyd press available. I have used mine (20 T) several times to bend light or heavy (up to 1/2" thick) metal very accurately with judicious placement of sharp edged flat iron to use as bend starters. It seems that if the bend is started in the...
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    FRV30-GH1440B Lathe $3,500

    My Lathe is a House of Tools item as well and the lathes at Sait were "Modern" plated. My Lathe and theirs were identical right down to the casting joints flashing and hand wheels.