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    Electric panel questions.

    Question: Do you gents recommend installing one sheet of drywall on the ceiling where the furnace will be mounted before they install the furnace? I figure this might be easier then trying to work around it afterwards? Vapor barrier under the one sheet and leave the rest of the vapor barrier...
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    How do you store your collets?

    Hey John, a small sheet of clear plastic fastened at the top and trailing down on each rack would help reduce dust collection plus allow you to see items held in the racks. Just saying!
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    anvil surfacing

    @John Conroy, enjoyed reading your post. When you speak to "Small depth of cut and slow spindle speed are best for flycutters." Can you be more specific on speeds and depth of cut. How serious is the hit and miss banging at the edges? I assume the same process would also apply to facing a...
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    Very busy week-end

    Well done, great gear, neat shop, loaded with much potential.
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    Drill grinder C$200

    One of the nice features of this forum is we can kibitz with one another without causing a damaging rub of any sort. Keeping things civil is an art in itself, my rule of thumb is if you can't say something nice don't say anything! We reside on the northwest side of Moose Jaw a short distance...
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    Electric panel questions.

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    Broke My Tap Handle Today:-(

    Hey Craig, you must have muscles in your poo. LOL @John Conroy shows photos of a nice home made set however he offers no background music on material used, size of stock, and the hardened parts. Come on John will only takes a few minutes of your time.
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    Hey Craig, you're selection of spirits is dreadful and your ale should really come from the shower tap not bottled. LOL
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    @DPittman, what you likely don't realize is for whatever reason my old bones kept producing infections throughout my whole body which in turn unraveled the surgeons (yes more than one) best efforts. A top infection disease doctor in Regina came to my rescue early on however, that didn't prevent...
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    With my knee replacement surgeries plus medications I've not been allowed a single grandpa's pop or wee sip of Scottish nectar (single malt) for some time something like 34 months. Enjoy yours while you can doggggboy, wish I was there. LOL Yup there a trick to getting a vehicle back onto...
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    And you're right about that, it's all boils down to greed and the gold.
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    And here I thought driving in the ditches was the norm in SK. Devil made me say that. LOL
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    Expect a rise in cost of off-shore products

    After the Suez mishap with the Ever-Given running aground and the money that was paid out by insurance companies I'm not really surprised by shipping costs going up. It's all relative and someone has to pay meaning we consumers. Besides that the pandemic has driven world prices up right across...
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    Electric panel questions.

    Better yet put a cement cutting blade in your hand grinder and cut a straight line across your slab of cement say about 1" deep. As you break the cement away with a sledge the underneath cement can be rough. This setup has worked for me.
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    portable bandsaws

    Hey Craig that's really cramped space and you manage very well.