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    Air Compressor regulator/filter/separator/drier suggestions?

    I received my derale 15300 trans cooler from amazon. I'm a little disappointed in the diameter of the tubing used; its about 1/4 to 5/16 nominal ID. 1/4 tubing at ~125 PSI should flow at somewhere around 15cfm so its not a loss, but I think someone with a higher output compressor might want to...
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    Bluing Steel Plate

    Easy solution: Next time ur at Canadian Tire, buy a replacement good quality cookie sheet for your wifes cupboard. ;)
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    Air Compressor regulator/filter/separator/drier suggestions?

    The lower outlet on the cooler runs into the tank. One needs to only have a slight amount of tilt in the cooler and a downward slope of the outlet pipe to ensure the vapor ends up in the tank.
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    Air Compressor regulator/filter/separator/drier suggestions?

    Emglo/Jenny compressor head. Its a V-4 design, single stage. Spec output is 18.5@125psi with a 3hp electric or 5hp gas motor. Its an older used one, so if I get 15@125psi I'll be happy. Bendable copper pipe, carefully turned into a spiral in the middle can do wonders for cooling. The *real*...
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    Air Compressor regulator/filter/separator/drier suggestions?

    Recently picked up a nice little Jenny/Emglo 18cfm@125psi compressor on a 30gal tank. I want to add a regulator plus a water/oil separator and possibly a desiccant based dryer to ensure clean/dry air for various uses in the shop. Air tools get their own oilers. Any suggestions? Amazon has tons...
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    Princess Auto 7x12 Mini lathe, Calgary, $700
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    Hey Guys!!! I dare you to find a better auction than this….. Starts Tomorrow.

    It gives me pause for thought about my fairly extensive wood shop machinery and my growing machinists tool collection. I have a spreadsheet where every major component is itemized and serial # recorded and a rough approximation of what I paid for it and what I thought it was worth on the open...
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    LF/WTB: 1/2 or 3/4hp 1ph TEFC

    I found a doerr on kijiji for $80. Brand new, never been out of its box. 1.5hp 1725rpm.
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    Truing a 12" sanding disc: YYC

    Neighbour just bought a craftex cx709 - we're going to try and skim a bit off the face to true it up to the bore. I found a driveline service place that figures they can rebalance the disc for $50 if they dont have to add metal - wont know for sure until they get it on the balancer, but worst...
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    Bridgeport shaped rusty object

    If its been outside the past few years (the ad pic suggests its been outside for at least some period of time even if its been covered) in Hamilton (high humidity) expect that all internal machined surfaces not coated in grease will be rusty as well. Motor bearings, etc etc, could all be very...
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    Craftex CX709 Lathe Calgary - $2900

    Looks like my neighbour (the one with the long term project BP Series II NC machine) might have snagged this one for less than asking.
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    Craftex CX709 Lathe Calgary - $2900 2/3rds of new price?
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    Myford ML7 Lathe Calgary - $1750 Been a rush of local small lathes available. There was also an Atlas on teh weekend.