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    brake line flare

    For tighter bends and bends close to the flare these are what I use. https://www.kmstools.com/neiko-brake-line-bending-pliers-820
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    Group Sourcing Metal Ideas

    I would take a 1/4 of that.
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    OKay...who scooped the Atlas lathe for a song?

    Someone call the police, that lathe was stolen. ;) I'm sure many here would be happy to double your money.
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    Group Sourcing Metal Ideas

    I wouldn't mind having a better selection of metal on hand, but perhaps about half the quantity proposed. If there is someone else in the Calgary area who is interested in a half share I'd be in for this. I do more aluminum work as well so any group buys of that would interest me.
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    Is this possible

    It's pretty standard practice to grind the tips of the valves. Usually it is done with minimal material removal to clean up the wear marks on the tip, but can also be necessary to correct the valve stem height in some cases. How much can be taken off depends a lot on the valve construction. Some...
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    Custom range hood

    Go with a better fan., those little cheapo hoods do a better job of making noise than moving air.
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    Sculpture in Helsinki

    Keep your hammer clear of the anvil.
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    Slice & Dice Knives, (Now operating as The North Boundary Knife Co?), Jasper

    The issue is not with selling for a profit, it's the marketing of an item as something it is not.
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    Museum of Making Meetup

    That place looks really cool, I'd love to have a look at it too. July 14 would be OK for me as long as it was morning or early afternoon as I work the night.
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    R8 tool storage

    Try Industrial Paint and Plastic. They are my go to for many plastic materials.
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    Not sure on your car, but some have the water pump driven by the timing belt. A water pump failure can cause the belt to fail and if the engine has interference valves, you will end up having to rebuild the head also. Cheap insurance to replace the water pump while doing the belt.
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    ClampTite tool

    Here is the drawing I worked from. I didn't get too fussy about working to the exact measurements as it did not seem that critical to me. http://www.hobby-machinist.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=63748&d=1383509051
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    ClampTite tool

    Second tool is made. I used aluminum for the body and picked up a stainless bolt and wing nut for the hardware. The pins are pieces of an old car antennae.
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    ClampTite tool

    Second version will be a combination of aluminum for the body and stainless for the hardware.