The seller thinks this 8x16" lathe is a good deal - Hamilton


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"Unfortunately in the big rain/flood 2 summers ago my roof leaked it got wet and has much surface rust. It is still completely functional but needs a thorough"




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Nice anchor!

But you can buy a real anchor for less!

Geez, I don't think I'd use that in a concrete pour, without giving it a twice over with a wire wheel on a grinder.


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Looks better currently than the photos posted here. He must have cleaned it up himself.
Reading the ad, I guess the accessories makes it more appealing, but not sure how much more.

I liked his blurb on FAQ's......

Notes based on questions so far:
- no the bench is not included, it is worth more than the lathe :)
- yes, you can and should come see it running. Pics don't really do justice to the condition (how good it is, or how bad it is depending on your point of view.
- no, calling me names will not get you a discount.
- yes, the price went up a little as I've done almost all of the rust removal for you now -
pics will be updated soon :)
- quick change post is now mated to the machine with a pressed in stud. you can go back to the old tool post if needed.

Thanks for the interest.



@ShawnR I wonder if the feedback he is getting is bothering him; people seem to be more free to be far less polite in this day of texting and internet distancing... If, on in-person examination, that lathe is a very big project, it can be conveyed in a polite manner, even if both parties disagree.

I worry about how rusted the lead screw is - indicating probable lack of lubrication, and how much rusted gunk is on the machines, indicating a lack of cleaning implying a general lack of care of the machine, and then further the obvious problem of not cleaning the rust *as soon* as the damage was done.

This pattern of care makes me strongly suspect other forms of naieve usage that can be disparagingly described as 'abuse'.


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Somebody thinks cleaning the rust off makes it suddenly worth more???

I don't know about others, but I think that makes it worth less. It falls into the same category as fresh paint. I want to see the machine as is. I don't want fresh paint or poorly removed rust hiding it's sins.

Therefore rust removal just dropped the price. It certainly didn't raise it!


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We used to say parts from crappy rebuilders got a Krylon overhaul.

I agree with Sasquatch. Best to see the machine in it's original state of neglect so you know what you are dealing with. Spray paint hides a lot with the low resolution online photos.


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It certainly does look a lot nicer now it’s cleaned up a bit.

Wonder if you can get bondo in machined cast iron colour?


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That lathe isn't worth the price of the wire wheels, let alone the Evaporust needed to drown it...

Methinks the guy knows full well what it is worth, and is trolling anyone who reacts to him.
I think they call it jb weld or something.....:rolleyes:
Arc weld till above flush, and a quick skim with the angle grinder! All Good!


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There was an apartment landlord in Toronto that was known for using structural paint to fixture concrete on load bearing walls.

Wonder if this guy is related.