SM1120 x 3 for parts

Tom Kitta

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Well, there is not much to these machines - for ON the starting price looks optimistic at $1500. A lathe without tailstock and saddle is kind of scrap value - maybe scrap plus 100 or so for the chuck. The scrap value would be steel plus maybe a bit for the motor. I doubt some other parts can be easily salvaged and are in sellable condition - even if they were good luck selling these. So max price is about 250. There are two lathes with saddles but no cross slides and no tailstock. I guess one could search a lot of a cross slide and one can be had that may fit for around 200 - 300 and tailstock for another 100-200. But then they say gears are missing! So with lots of looking you may have two working lathes with chuck each for around ... 1000 extra minus 150 for one for scrap with unknown gears and other parts missing...

So its 2 lathes for around 2500 together plus fees plus lots of work in condition that may not even be working.

I think these school machines were refurbished by the school and they simply abandoned the project & *lost* all parts.

I would get them if I was in ON for $500.


Lee - metalworking novice
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Well that is it. From now on my tailstock is getting removed and locked up every night. Way too many machines that are missing them. It will be the next crime wave. :p


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Did any one here get these or know who did? I could be coerced into getting one of the cabinets.
Looks like they got the $1500 asking price.