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Hi fellow metal workers, I've been visiting this forum off and on for a while now and figured I would join up and bolster the ranks. I hope to be getting some help over the Christmas season so I can figure how to post pictures of my shop tools which include. Monarch 10EE lathe, Logan 14 x 40 lathe, MT 5hp mill with 10x50 table, Elliot Sturdi Mill, Shop built gun stock duplicator and a Shop built deep hole drill and rifleing machine plus the usual assortment of drill presses and other related schrapnel etc. Cheers, David.


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Hi David - any pics of machining screw-ups are particularly appreciated in my case LOL. I'm more on the fabrication side and while I do own a lathe and small mill...I suck at using them properly.

Welcome aboard :)


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Two machines I don’t know. Picture 2 and 5. Is 2 some sort of duplicator - lots of gun stocks. What do you make David? Oh I see your description- 5 must be the shop built deep hole drill. I’d love to see more pictures of that and how it works. Do you spin the drill and the stock?
The picture of the stock duplicator is based on the design of the Don Allen machine (1980's) which I think is a similar to the Hoenig (sp) pantograph which has been copied to death in one form or another. And in the case of the deep hole drill the stock spins and the drill remains stationary except for its forward motion while under power. David.
Yes I have been at this for quite a while now and plan to change course in about 2 years, which means that it will be. and regretfully I must say sold. Its time for some younger enthusiast to take the helm and continue with the gunsmithing.