Modern 11x26 Metal Lat[h]e, $3300, Calgary, AB

Tom Kitta

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Way too expensive. Machine does indeed have low hours but does have a lot of scratches & small oil leak from the gearbox. Otherwise it feels good. I owned it for a week & was going to go to a member in BC but he got one locally so this guy is trying to make money on what he paid me ;)


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Tom Kitta

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If it was that good of a price it would be sold by now.

Well it certainly is not a good price - I assume it was a good price when I sold it ;)

He has like 50 listings, none of the ones I looked at are even remotely a deal.

But I guess he must be making some $ otherwise he would not be in this business.


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Is he in Acadia SE? If so I've met him a couple times.

EDIT: Doesnt look like the guys shop I'm thinking of
Not too sure as he picked up at my house, just noticed it up for sale the next day at quite the markup lol.

After seeing that I noticed he always has a lot of ads up for sale with machines at what I would consider high prices

Tom Kitta

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Still out there, re-listed - our friendly flipper now dropped the price to ... $3150 :)
So $50 per month.