Large CNC mill - too cheap to not be tempting


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Wow! I don’t think it will through my 7ft high garage doors let alone the 8ft ceiling.

Ad states it's 9' W x 10' L x 10' high, also needs 220V 3 phase 100+ amp service. The lights are going to dim when you fire that puppy up:p
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Tom O

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They had to take the feet of of the Hass to get it into the garage we had already recessed a area large enough to accommodate the x axis.


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Yeah it’s probably Worth more in scrap. Missed a zero.
If I jacked up my shop, cut a hole in the ceiling, moved it in, then lowered the shop back over it i think
It could work!!
I’m off to princess to buy 16 bottle jacks brb

16 bottle jacks?

What are you making?