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Kijiji lathe


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It is just east of Edmonton. A long journey but the lathe is very good quality. My informants call this a 'screw lathe'. It can do all the normal lathe operations, but had a screw cutting clutch and return mechanism.


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If I was a whole lot closer - think I would buy that lathe just for my mental health (I like/need working on things). Even if it wasn't fixable, I think for $200 it would be worth learning something.


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When the screw cutting hits a stop set on the lower bar, the feed disengages, ans sets up a retactor and the carriage rapid feeds to the origin. The operator then disengages the retractor, dials in the next cut and engages the feed - lind of a very primitive mechanical CNC. The extra clutch and return is probably in need of a rebuild if it hasn't been used in a while. They were known to be difficult, breaking down often in industrial uses. \

-- If I had any room at all I'd be there to buy it. they were never very common.