Force Lathe Barrhead AB $900


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I doubt if this will last long. Doesn't say if it is metric or imperial but I saw a faceplate, follow rest, what may be a shop made steady and it looks like a gear head machine.. Unless there is heavy wear it could be a good hobby machine.


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Force International was the brand name that House Of Tools put on their imports, I think that lathe is a slightly earlier model of my lathe...I bet your making chips within 2 hrs of getting that home
Have you picked this up yet? Need pictures of the move please.
Just landed at home with it Craig, never had an opportunity to snap any move pictures as it was an interesting pick up let’s just say... However after an 8 hr round trip it’s safe on my floor. Only two things wrong with it.

1- Lead screw has parted from its gear. (this should be interesting to fix)
2- Motor is wired incorrectly and only runs in forward. (Shouldn’t be to difficult to figure out).

First thing first is attempting to figure out this lead screw issue.


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There should be a forward/reverse/neutral lever... No need for electrical reverse on most gear head lathes.
Gotcha, so another shaft slippage issue I’m assuming. The owner of the machine said he replaced the motor and since then reverse hasn’t worked..


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12x36 and weights about 1400 lbs. Glad that portion of the day is over with lol. Last time I do a move by myself!

This picture makes it look like a mini?


Did you get the stand with it? What else came with it?
Yeah stand came with it, going to take that to the car wash tomorrow to clean it.
Came with a steady rest, follow rest, back plate, and a 8” 4 jaw chuck.

Yeah pictures don’t do justice to it’s size. Next to impossible to find any manuals on this machine.


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