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Enco 8.6 lathe - mill combo


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I'm pretty sure that is the same machine that Kozo Hiraoka built the vast majority of his locomotives from. He is kind of a legend in the live steam community. Very complex models, wrote several books, tireless enthusiast etc. I remember reading some interview with him with a few pics back in the 70's. His entire shop was very compact. What we would call an average 'closet' square footage wise and home was in a tall apartment building. https://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Hiraoka.htm

Anyways... Apparently the Emcomats were pretty decent & accurate hobby machines. Although they must have still had to contend with the round column mill pillar. I've seen some people who have restored them to their former glory. Wonder what year that one is & who was using it for what.