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Auction of the year? (over now!)


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I went to an auction today just south of Spruce Meadows. My opinion - probably the best offering of metal working 'everything' that I've seen. Here was the listing: auction link

I didn't recognize anyone that I've met from the group yet, if you were there, chime in and let me know what you thought.

The auction was primarily inside a riding arena (think about 1.5 times the size of a hockey rink. The listing didn't do it justice, I went because of the lathe/surface-grinder, but there turned out to be a lot more. 3 surface gingers, multiple metal brakes/shears, 3 iron workers (first one went for 500), and tooling, tooling, tooling.

No reserver, no buyers fee. Very very fast pace, everything was organized on pallets, you had to buy the pallet (some tolerance for taking items out as singles).

Think end-mills x 100s, drill bits x 1000s, bandsaws, welders, calipers x 50, gauge pin sets x 15, bar stock, sheet stock and so on and so on.

I didn't buy anything. Not that I didn't want to, I'm a hoarder, but I couldn't fathom where I'd get the time to sort/load/move/store this stuff. I'm still shell shocked. Peterson surface grinder - $130 (that I bid on). 3 end-mill grinders.......... Now, the majority of the 'quality' stuff was bought by about 4 different guys.

The part that mesmerized me was thinking how long it took to amass such a collection of stuff. There an entire table of smaller lathe tool holder kits (chinesium or worse) and the entire pallet sold for 60. What do you do with 200 tool holders?

Band saw wheels, on a palette (think ~50) - $50. Table saw fences (same branch I have), a whole palette $90.


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thats just mind blowing; sounds like a distributor sale and not that of a sole person. maybe Auction of the Decade?

Should we expect Kijiji to light up like an Xmas tree in the next few weeks with echos of this sale from the 4 folks that got the majority of goodies....we can post those updates here as well ( I COULD use a few items for my hoard ;) )


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from India. Haven't used these brands but my past experience has shown tools from there are most similar to lower Chinese stuff.

Ozar and Bayard. Anyone got an real-world/usage opinion on these?


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I handled a couple of them...... spider sense said to walk away

But the flaring kits looked ok, just bought one a few weeks back for the same price as the entire lot

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Tom Kitta

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Looks like some great stuff - some deals. I would stay away from most India based tooling especially if it is older - think low grade Chinese stuff for most items - of course there are exceptions. Also depends on price.

Some of the items you mention would be worth good money - iron workers go on auctions (bigger ones) for 1000s of CAD depending on version. Smaller ones in 40t - 60t range are like 5000 and 100t are like 10000.

I would think a lot of these items will be resold at a different auction.