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I'd rip the pocket off my pants to pick it up if I needed one: it is about 1/2 price if it works even marginally. Can you arrange to view it right away?

[edit] This is a Taiwanese lathe. Frejoth seems to be quite reputable. Even if it is a rebrand, a CNC manufacturer won't risk too much by rebranding junk...
It's 7 hours away unfortunately, so no. He's already got someone coming tomorrow morning.
I consider that sold, with the way stuffs going these days anyways.


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[further update] Freejoth seems to be a large-scale rebrander of Taiwanese equipment. They had some 30 odd pages of CNC lathes alone... They are out of the manual lathe business, which is true for 90% of the surviving TW machinery builders. This has a very high probabliliy of having great bones.

On a visual, I'd guess early to mid 80s construction, off an updated Colchester pattern. a good lathe indeed!
That lathe looks very similar to my 12X37 Busy Bee lathe but that one is a gear drive headstock while mine is belt. Its too bad at that price you could of got a nice lathe :(. I hate to say how much I paid for mine at the time, but machine tools around here aren't very common....


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I saw that yesterday an hour after listing....20 minute drive from my place and I kicked the can for half hour and decided to pass on replying.
I did reply to the fellow, about 23 minutes after he posted it. Someone already had beaten me to the punch. They were supposed to go have a look at it last night and I was second on the list. Still a 6 hr drive from my place but certainly would have done it.

Messaged the seller again late last night and he says the guy is pretty sure he's going to take it.

Will update if that changes... *fingers crossed*
This feels like the same old story - the desire is for quite a specific, well appointed, useful size machine, in good condition, nearby, some special conditions (i.e. only single phase), "I want to think about it for a while and I want it really cheap." Sure, that opportunity does come along - though very rarely (especially if you are actually looking for it). If you actually want a machine in as reasonable length of time, then something needs to give. The easiest variable is price - you can have a great machine, that is just what you are looking for, in your shop very quickly - they'll even deliver it. Especially on a first real machine, don't waste several years waiting for that perfect opportunity. Buy a decent machine, don't cheap out - and you'll always be able to get the majority of the money back (obviously machines like what you are looking for sell on easily and quickly).

I have landed my share of "smok'n" deals, but they were simply opportunities and I jumped on them. The story after the fact makes it look like there was a plan - makes for great bragging tails. I have been networking machine opportunities for decades. When "iron opportunities" show up, the answer is "sure" - I have space, power, transport and cash. I don't fuss over the brand, the age, cosmetic issues, damage, missing parts or the condition - either I take it for the asking price or I walk and the process takes about 1 minute. For me, it has to be really cheap - but I have a well set shop so I don't care if the deal falls through. When I didn't have any machines, it was different - and I ponied up full price for a decent machine.
At that price point I would have sent a deposit to the guy ang get it from AB without looking at it first. Main issue here is avoiding Dabbler "lathe" scam where you send money and there is no lathe.


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Is 3k reasonable for the same lathe?
Yeah 3G would be a good price IMO, but I would want at that price to be ready to go with either a 220v or a 3PH setup already in it to listen to it run and quick install. Also see what tooling and accessories came with it.

This Lathe in Sorrento, the posting is now down
3k for the same lathe means it needs to be in a good condition - I would not buy it without inspecting and given new price is around 5k it better be little used despite its age. 3k is not a good deal - it is "normal" price for a good used machine of this age.
3k for the same lathe means it needs to be in a good condition - I would not buy it without inspecting and given new price is around 5k it better be little used despite its age. 3k is not a good deal - it is "normal" price for a good used machine of this age.
I put up a wanted ad like you guys informed me to do,
Just a reply I got today.
I inquired just no response back yet.
Unless a deal is a steal - like Dabler said even if it barely works its a great deal lathe you need to inspect to make sure you are not buying junk - even if it feels like a steal better to inspect well if possible - you may get an abused machine with damaged bed, broken gearing etc. That would be a huge project to fix & never would be as good as new (unless you regrind the bed - not economical).

So yeah if a machine like this comes along, in good condition, and with say some tooling other then what machine came with (say a live center, some non Chinese drill chuck, QCTP, some hss and indexable tooling - say 5 each, 4 jaw chuck, face plate - last two may come with machine) it would be a good deal.
If i do decide to at least look at it, is there any Edmonton members that would come make sure I'm not buying scrap metal,
I've looked at a few and have always walked away because my limited knowledge.