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    On, off switch

    The lathe looks great!!
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    Horizontal Milling Machine $2,000

    It looks in pretty decent shape. It almost looks like an auction picture.
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    Southbend 10" lathe and busybee 250 milling machine for sale. $1,200

    Sweet deal. Interesting colour scheme on the lathe.
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    I will be interesting to see what you find.
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    Map Filing Cabinet in Edmonton

    Just spotted this for $40 Pictures aren't that great but these are pretty handy for tooling.
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    It was a Kijiji find. A real nice set from Japan. I almost hate using them.
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    I am a little late to this thread but I just put in an order as well.:) This will work great as the set I have is 3/8.
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    That is great!! Sometimes patience (with me it is procratination) pays off. Glad to hear that you have gotten the faceplate mounted and usable.
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    Shop Computer Workspace with Woodshop?

    I'm not sure how effective that would be on solid wood products, for MDF and similar products it might help with the cleanup. I think you might have to put a nozzle on it to focus on the area at the drill bit.
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    Shop Computer Workspace with Woodshop?

    I would have them in separate and well sealed rooms and you will still get wood dust in your computers. I have never seen a collection system on a table saw that is even close to 100% effective. My sawdust collection on the table saw just helps keep the mess down.
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    Horizontal saw $600 - Victoria

    I am using the Mobilcut 100 on the saw. The nice thing about it is that the stuff that doesn't end back in the tank evaporates and makes cleanup a bit easier. It also seems to work well on the lathe and milling machine. At present I am experimenting with it and just using a spray bottle to...
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    Horizontal saw $600 - Victoria

    Nice score!! The mitre base on that is a nice feature. I had to spend hours cleaning mine and setting up so it would cut straight. Not sure what they used for cutting fluid on mine but there was a couple of centimetres of sludge in the tank that was awful smelling stuff. I find that the saw...
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    We're Going to Try Some Banner Ads for Guest (Not Logged In) Users

    Thanks for the update and explaining the usage breakdown. There forum is a valuable resource to myself and a lot of other people. Great job!!
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    Mitutoyo Thread Pitch Gauge - $14.95

    From the add it looks like the 14 tpi is not included in the set. The 2mm seems to be an manufacture quality control issue that hopefully not be an issues with our orders.
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    Mitutoyo Thread Pitch Gauge - $14.95

    Just ordered one. Thanks!!
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    Horizontal saw $600 - Victoria

    I have a King like that without the swivel base. That one looks in decent shape and has a nice price to match. I am pretty sure you will be dragging that home with you.
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    What inserts do you like and why?

    I use mostly carbide inserts and for profiles carbide brazed tools. My lathe came with a set of indexable tools and I was given a big box of use brazed inserts so I have stuck with that. I find that I don't go through a lot inserts in the lathe but I manage to bugger up inserts on the mill as I...
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    Pics and Prices Now Available: Welders + Plasma (SOLD)

    Sorry to hear about the health issues take care!!
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    cutter grinder idea

    If you are in the Edmonton area and are looking for a sharpening service there is: Williams Horst Quality Grinding 10349 59 Ave Nw, Edmonton, 780-437-0234
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    Makita Dry Cut Off Saw, Craftex Metal Shear (SOLD), Baldor Buffer (SOLD), 1 Ton Arbor Press (GONE NOW))

    I'd be interested in the dry cut saw if you still have it.
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    New vise jaw product

    Not sure if this will work, why not leave the top on solid and use setscrews in the side for clamping the holder? I have been following this for awhile and have finally figured out how this is going to work. Very clever.
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    Electric Cable Hoist - Power Fist with bridge and 21 ft of track C$200

    Looks like a nice setup at a good price. Too bad it is three hours away.
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    Moving Machinery

    That is impressive and a very efficient use of space
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    How Loud is My Lathe?

    They had a demonstration set up at a Home Depot awhile back where they had a box built with Sonopan and drywall with a boombox inside and turned up to a very annoying level. With the lid open it was very loud but when you closed the lid you could just hear the music. It convinced me that the...
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    How Loud is My Lathe?

    There is a product called SONOpan that is available at Home Depot. You use it in combination with drywall and it is less then a buck a square foot and it does work well.
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    Darren's active projects

    I don't think that loosing the ability to connect to 440 will ever be an issue unless it is going back into a commercial setting. Looking forward to seeing this all put back together and running.
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    New vise jaw product

    You are much braver then I am and I will be following and cheering you on. I saw the video that Dabbler posted awhile back and thought it would be great to try and build one. Several hours of poking around the internet I came to the conclusion that with my skill level this could be a life time...
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    Darren's active projects

    That is great news!! Do you know what they did to the stator to repair it?
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    How Loud is My Lathe?

    This is great, my hearing has been declining over the last couple of years and I have been thinking about getting my hearing checked again. Will definitely look into the Bluetooth for noise dampening and listening to music.