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    Map Filing Cabinet in Edmonton

    Just spotted this for $40 Pictures aren't that great but these are pretty handy for tooling.
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    Mill/Drill and Lathe in Calgary

    Looks like this is in very good condition. $1500 for mill and $3200 for lathe.
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    Ditron DRO Finally Installed on Mill

    I finally got around to installing the DRO on my mill. The read out is mounted to the ceiling as the start panel was in the way and I didn't want to relocate it. It is a Ditron unit and the scales are magnetic. The installation was a bit of a challenge on the Y and Z axis. The left side of the...
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    Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe in Calgary

    Spotted this a couple days ago , no price and the guy is not great about returning emails. Hopefully someone else will have better luck.
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    Alexander Pantograph

    Spotted this on Edmonton Kijiji: Looks to be in nice shape and some accessories come with it.
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    Taper Attachment for 1440 Manual Lathe $350 on Edmonton Kijiji

    Seems like a pretty good deal, not sure if anyone has seen this. Taper Turn Attachment for Cantek LD 1440 Manual Lathe. Regular Price $1,100 CND. Item is new, Sell for ($750 CND) PRICE REDUCED $350 CND May fit other 1440 size lathes In stock at Akhurst Machinery Edmonton 780-918-6723
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    Vega EDM-10 in Edmonton

    Not sure if anyone would be interested in this or if the price is even fair, but it looks like an interesting bit of kit.
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    Kurt Vise Edmonton Kijiji

    Nice looking Kurt vise. It has been on there for a few days
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    Picked this up last week

    I bought it for the endmills and ended up with a couple of tool posts, a faceplate, and 6" Bison chuck. I got the endmills for a good price but they all have a taper on the end. All the tapers are different from 60 degrees to 87 and I was wondering what they would have been used for. I was...
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    Craftex CT043 @ Auction Sale West of Edmonton

    Lathe comes with steady and follow rest, three three jaw chucks and face plates. Currently at $1000 with a couple of days to go.
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    My Ford Lathe

    You have to love the spelling of this (LOL) and be willing to travel to Fairview. Looks like it is in nice shape.
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    Kart Lathe also in Winnipeg

    This looks like an interesting machine. They are asking 4K for it.
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    Edmonton Machine Shop Auction

    I was at this place back in January and had a look at a lot of the items and the equipment looked in nice shape. Lots of great items on sale here...
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    14 x 42 Machine Lathe $1,700.00 in Carstairs. Looks like you get the steady rest, three and four jaw chuck and face plate.
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    3 3/4 Ton Hillman Rollers

    You don't see these very often. Asking 600 for them
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    Williams and Wilson Tech- Turn Lathe @ Mirabel Que

    This looks like a pretty decent looking lathe, they are asking 3500 with DRO. Has anyone ever heard of these?
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    Rong-Fu Mill Drill and Kent Surface Grinder in Kelowna

    Couple of Taiwanese machines at this surplus auction.
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    Machine Shop Auction in LaCorey

    Just found this one as well there is a Elliot Shaper and a Kearney and Trecker Mill Here is the link to the bidding site with better (but not...
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    Clean Looking Advanced Machine Lathe at Drayton Valley Auction

    Not sure about the the name but it looks a fairly decent lathe in good shape. Even a bunch or round stock to get started.
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    Free in Calgary!! Anybody Looking for a Challenge?

    Not sure if this is a cheap way to get into CNC but it would probably keep a person tinkering for a while or a lifetime depending on skill level.
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    Lathe, Mill, Band Saw and the Goodies at Alberta Gov't Auction

    Some big iron and other real tempting items here:
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    Who Wants a Shaper?

    Rockford Machine Tool Shaper, Become the next Abom...
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    Suggestions on what to do with this chunk of steel

    I was given this piece of mystery metal and I am trying to come up with something to do with it. It is 12"x 9"x 2". Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Elliot Lathe

    This is an unusual collect of equipment for sale in Montreal/Saint-Laurent. The Government of Canada site usually sells this stuff off individually.
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    DoAll ML16 Edmonton Kijiji

    Not sure if this is a good deal but it looks like a nice saw.
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    1951 Monarch 10EE at Auction

    Was at an auction looking at tooling and saw this rare item. Never see one of these in the flesh...
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    $1200 Lathe in Calgary

    Might be a great deal for someone
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    RPC and Mill Pictures

    Hello, After trolling this site for awhile I thought I would show what I have been up to. Last summer I toke a chance and purchased a basket case Fritz Werner mill. Over the last six months a machinist friend and I have gone over it and checked it out and cleaned it. When we could not find any...
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    Multifix Tool Holders

    This just showed up on my Kijiji feed. These are the E size