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  1. Chris Cramer

    Induction forges

    I was doing some research on building a good coal forge, when I came across an article on the induction forge/heater. Depending how much it would cost in electricity, a heater that efficient would be very useful for wrought iron work, and maybe blade smithing if the coil were big enough...
  2. Chris Cramer

    The eggscaliber, a custom forged skillet

    On my third try I finally managed to forge the perfect carbon steel skillet for the hilt and handle I had to add. My fist two dishes were not heavy enough to hold up the weight of the hilt and handle. Shaping thicker steel took more effort, but it was much more solid and easy to keep still.
  3. Chris Cramer

    Scrap metal

    Does anyone know of a place that would offer their scrap to you for free, or at least at a much lower price than stock on sale? For certain projects, scrap metal would not be ideal; but for other things like metal art, if you are creative then it is very useful to find parts that are already...
  4. Chris Cramer

    Swage blocks.

    I'm working on forging a custom skillet with a fancy handle. So far I've done it all over the anvil, but it is difficult to get the sides perfectly curved and the bottom perfectly flat without a mold or a swage block.
  5. Chris Cramer

    Blade smithing

    I've decided to forge a much larger blade now. Rather than a short hand knife I've forged this custom machete out of NitroV high carbon stainless steel. For more creativity I also tried using scaled juma for the handle, together with a brass hilt, and brass dragon head pommel. All three of...
  6. Chris Cramer

    proper heat treatment

    I just purchased a plate of elmax stainless steel that I plan to make into a good meat cleaver. I had no trouble cutting it with my plasma table and shaping the rest with a grinder, only I'm not very confident attempting to harden it with my propane forge as the uneven heat would most likely...
  7. Chris Cramer

    damascus steel

    After changing the venturi burner on my propane forge to a forced air burner for higher efficiency and heat, I decided to attempt forging a knife out of damascus steel. I used 1084 high carbon steel, and 15n20 alloy steel for the contrast after etching. There is some contrast but I didn't seem...
  8. Chris Cramer

    fusion 360 requirements

    I've been doing a lot of research on what the cheapest laptop for fusion 360 as well as sheet cam would be. My current laptop I use is a think pad which has all the requirements, but it is very old; so it can run my plasma table just fine, but it is too slow for me to run fusion or sheet cam to...
  9. Chris Cramer

    Fusion 360 requirements.

    I've been doing a lot of research on what the cheapest laptop for fusion 360 as well as sheet cam would be. My current laptop I use is a think pad which has all the requirements, but it is very old; so it can run my plasma table just fine, but it is too slow for me to run fusion or sheet cam to...
  10. Chris Cramer

    Laser engravers

    I decided to replace the spindle on my homemade milling machine with a 7.5w laser module to create a laser engraver. the Laser isn't as powerful as I thought it would be, I expected it to able to engrave metal but the claim of it being a 30w laser pointed to the electrical power where the...
  11. Chris Cramer

    Sourcing aluminum

    Does anyone know what the best place in calgary would be to buy aluminum? Federal metal only sells steel. I'm looking for some 1" aluminum square tubing to build the frame for my 3d printer. the milling machine that I built wasn't very big but it still weighed a ton since it was almost made...
  12. Chris Cramer

    manual shaping machines

    After doing the work that I have done with my plasma table, I've been trying to take it to the next level by shaping the cut plates as well. I managed to roll this 1/8" fire ring simply with a ring roller, and hammer; but how is it exactly that hemispheres are rolled? I'm feeling determined to...
  13. Chris Cramer

    plasma table exploration.

    I decided to try using the fine cut consumables for my hypertherm powermax 45xp to cut out a decorative plate that I plan to use to build a coffee table. the cutts turn out beautiful if you see what could be tuned a bit more from the cut charts.
  14. Chris Cramer

    Affordable CNC Plasma tables

    I've been doing a lot of research on what would be the best way for me to begin learning to use a CNC plasma table, so it's benefit will be of use to me when I begin to grow. I came across the crossfire pro - - which has been designed especially for hobbyists...
  15. Chris Cramer


    Steel isn't the only type of metal you can craft with. Since I haven't been able to do any steel work until we finish our renovations I've taken on another form of metal work. Silversmithing is another field where I can put my metal forming skills, my soldering/brazing skills, and of course my...
  16. Chris Cramer

    Powder coating

    Does anyone here know of a fairly cheap alternative to heating a larger piece of metal after it is powder coated? I've found a good affordable powder coating gun to purchase, only the projects I intend to use it for would be pretty big for most ovens that are within my budget; as well as IR...
  17. Chris Cramer

    fume extractors

    Before we move into our new house I want to find a better ventilation system. Since the area of the new garage what will be made into a shop will be more confined than the entire area of our old garage, I've been thinking a fume extractor would be the best option; but I think we all know how...
  18. Chris Cramer

    Aluminum decorative sign.

    After seeing the first sign I had made and posted here, several other people have asked me to design one for them. So far I have made 3 more for different people. My latest sign I desided to make out of aluminum instead of mild steel. The welding was significantly more difficult, but of course...
  19. Chris Cramer

    Working with stainless steel

    I decided to purchase 1/4" 304 stainless steel plate from metal supermarket, and I've found out that special equipment is needed to cut stainless due to the lack of oxidation. I've read that it can be cut with an oxy acetylene torch if carbon steel, or flux is added to the process. I am looking...
  20. Chris Cramer

    Forging projects - steel decorative house sign, and 01 steel clip point hunting knife.

    Here are some of my latest forging/welding projects. The decorative house sign was a gift for my parents, and the hunting knife is my first knife forged of 01 steel.
  21. Chris Cramer

    Railway bits for anvil

    Anyone have some rail I could have to use for an anvil/ As we all know anvils are too expensive, especially if you wont be using it to much, and what kind of work should be done to it before using it as an anvil?
  22. Chris Cramer

    foundry suppliers

    After successfully completing my foundry and refining a few aluminium ingots I'm looking into casting some other projects, starting with aluminium working towards silver or brass. Sand casting seems to be the cheapest method, and there are countless formulas of green sand; but I cant seem to...
  23. Chris Cramer

    Forge Welding

    I finally got my forge running smoothly, so I attempted to forge weld two 1/8" steel flat bars together. I managed to get the steel up to forging temperature and practiced working the metal, but I couldn't figure out how to forge weld the two together. How can you tell when the metal reaches...
  24. Chris Cramer

    Tig welding brass

    I'm struggling to figure out how to properly weld brass using a tig welder. Information that I found on other forums tells me it is best to braze brass using bronze brazing rods. This method seems to work fine on thicker material, but I am trying to find a way to braze or weld brass sheet metal...
  25. Chris Cramer

    Metal working trades.

    Since I can not currently find any work as a welder Apprentice, I am thinking about picking up a different trade within the same field. What is the main difference between sheet metal working and welding? Would a sheet metal worker, or a metal fabricator be doing more hands on work with metal...
  26. Chris Cramer

    Chris here from Calgary Alberta.

    Hey My name is Chris Cramer I have recently completed a 2 year prior learning assessment on welding. I've become very interested in metal working after gaining some experience in welding, and I am looking forward to expanding my current knowledge and experience in metal working as I try to find...