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  1. Brent H

    The pilgrimage to Calgary……

    So, I bought a project car in Calgary and it is like 3200 km from home. Tomorrow we set sail on the adventure…. Early departing on the Motor Vessel BrentH with my copilot C’mitchie enroute to Thunder Bay to pick up @ShawnR and continue the adventure …… I will have my copilot snap pics along...
  2. Brent H

    10” Utilathe (Miss Metric) Overhaul Repair

    Hello! So this is the thread where I will post a bunch on overhauling and making some repairs to a 10” Standard Modern Utilathe that has been converted to metric (ish). The lead screw is 7/8” x 4 mm pitch. The cross feed is 1/2” x 2.5 mm LH and the compound is 1/2” x 2.5 mm RH. The...
  3. Brent H

    Contemplating a trip to Alberta (Calgary) to pick up a project.........

    So I have a lead on a restoration project (a car) and this would be a purchase in Calgary. If things are a go and I choose to take the 3200km drive, it may be advantageous to take something out to the Calgary folks verses just driving out there and back......o_O Could be just a pipe dream...
  4. Brent H

    Tool box and stuff - $150

    Might be some decent things or maybe just scrap ...A machinist grab bag so to speak:
  5. Brent H

    Does anyone have an old, not working micrometer say...6" ?

    Hey guys, I am looking for an old style micrometer - like an old Starrett in the 4-6" range for the purpose of building a draft tap handle. The Micrometer would be welded or brazed to the required nut to fit the tap in such a way that the handle of the micrometer would be the pull. I would...
  6. Brent H

    Oh man - this could be a great deal.... 13 x 48 ....some nice additions $2500
  7. Brent H

    Restoration of a 10” Utilathe - the metric version!

    As the title indicates, I will document the refurbishment of this Utilathe. It is a full metric version of the classic 1020 Utilathe. It came off Kijiji as a project inherited from someone with a project in mind. As this is the METRIC version, some of the restoration will be smaller than a...
  8. Brent H

    Ontario Members: any interest in a meet/Greet?

    Hey folks, I asked my wife and she was cool with it: Would any folks be interested in coming up to my place for a day in the first 2 weekends of February for a meet up, maybe some tool swapping, maybe some demonstrations, beers etc? We could work out the details if there is interest and...
  9. Brent H

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

    Just saying a big Happy Thanksgiving to all you folks out there and hope the next year is amazing - lots of guys on here are recovering (successfully!!!) from various ailments an I am thankful they are contributing and still active on the site. Everyone take care and enjoy the festus!!!
  10. Brent H

    Fowler inside mic for sale

    Fowler inside mic $20 plus shipping - missing the adjustment wrench although I might have something that would work: It is 2” to something crazy long as all the barrels fit together and add up dimension.
  11. Brent H

    Standard Modern 10”?? $1200 in Hamilton
  12. Brent H

    Some pictures of possible interest

    Hey folks! We are in Pictou Nova Scotia at the ship yard and thought you might like to see a small lathe: That little beauty has a 1 meter diameter chuck - I think it will fit in the basement - LOL And here is a sweet old shaper: The original owners of the yard up and left all the tools to...
  13. Brent H

    Tire changer idea

    Hey folks, So maybe a couple of you guys bought a Princess Auto tire changer apparatus? Well, I picked one up when it was about $70 and, well…. It is not great unless you bolt it down - where to do that?? So after some thinking I welded onto a 2 x 2 steel tube - shoved it in the trailer mount...
  14. Brent H

    Something for the Farmers and metal benders

    About 12 years ago (while on vacation) I re-built 2 copulas for the large barn at my wife’s Uncles farm. The Barn was built in 1914 and the farm has been in the family for almost 2 centuries. It was home to one of the premier jersey breeders in New Brunswick for most of the 1900’s. I had left...
  15. Brent H

    Anyone need a 3 phase to 3 phase VFD??

    So this idiot company sent me the wrong VFD - basically a 3 phase 380 to 460v to the same voltage VFD If someone has a use for it I can send it to you for the postage. It took me 3 months to get a partial refund and my next “phase” would be to plug it into 220 single phase and see if it...
  16. Brent H

    Reamer swap?

    Hey folks, I have a couple 11/16 straight reamers about 9” long. I only need one. I have a project going where a 7/8” reamer would be great. Anybody have an extra and could use an 11/16? The reamer is a CLEVELAND made in USA so good quality.
  17. Brent H

    Project Southbend Gears

    A while ago I helped a member remove a Lathe from a basement. Well, seems like he has a couple more but they are these Southbend machines that seem to break the drive gears off fairly routinely. I figured, let’s make one out of steel and then maybe the gears would remain intact and something...
  18. Brent H

    Standard Modern in Cobourg Ontario $2000
  19. Brent H

    Colchester Lathe
  20. Brent H

    Anyone use or used a quick connect for welding gas?

    Hey folks, Anyone using or have used a quick connect for welding gas? See pic: Since my bottles do not travel around with my table/welder I was thinking to hook up my hose with one of these to make the process of disconnecting the gas a little simpler each time I use the welder. Would...