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  1. Canadium

    First mill $400 in south west ON

    Found this on Kijiji last night. Immediately messaged him but haven't got a reply. I imagine I'm too late already. In any case the location is a long haul for me. Maybe if @Susquatch was willing to help? ;)
  2. Canadium

    Mitutoyo dial caliper restoration

    I got this used Mitutoyo dial caliper (model 505-626) at the recent auction. When I got it home I discovered it was so jammed with gunk it didn't work. So a disassembly and thorough cleaning was in order. It took me awhile to figure out how exactly the dial is designed in the Mitutoyo calipers...
  3. Canadium

    Worthy project or piece of scrap?

    I picked up this piece some time ago with the thought it would make an interesting project. Its an old Dumore 5-021 toolpost grinder. It was of course obvious at time of purchase that several critical parts were missing. ie toolpost mount, air filter, belt cover and grinding wheel cover. At the...
  4. Canadium

    how to remove a stubborn screw?

    I've been trying to dismantle the apron on my old South Bend 9A lathe in order to clean it all up. The gears are jam packed with crud and oil channels are all plugged up. I got it all apart except for the clutch. The clutch has a left hand threaded nut holding a star shaped knob. This nut is...
  5. Canadium

    PA 2 ton gantry assembly

    So when Princess Auto put their 2 ton gantry on sale last week for $800 I couldn't resist. I brought one home. I would wager you couldn't buy the steel to make your own at that price. I just discovered however that whereas their 1 ton gantry is a fairly easy 1 person assembly project the 2 ton...
  6. Canadium

    2 ton gantry crane on sale at PA Aug 3

    According to the new Princess Auto flyer I got the other day starting Aug. 3 Princess Auto will have their 2 ton gantry crane on sale for $800. I'm planning on getting one. The inability to unload heavy stuff has been holding me back for some time. Hopefully this will change that...
  7. Canadium

    EW lathe project

    Yesterday marked a milestone in my Elliot-Willson lathe refurbishing project. After months of cleaning and painting parts I was finally ready to reattach the bed and headstock to the base. This required some heavy lifting as by my estimate the bed and headstock probably weighed in the...
  8. Canadium

    Bridgeport CNC Milling machine C$2,500 Oakville ON

    Bridgeport Series 1 MD CNC Milling machine C$2,500 Oakville, ON...
  9. Canadium

    carbide insert storage

    When I picked up my "new to me" lathe a couple of months ago one of many items that was included was a small stash of carbide inserts (shown in pic below). I may not know a great deal about machining but I have developed a sense that a pile of cutting tools dumped on top of each other is not a...
  10. Canadium

    dial indicator tips

    I'm considering getting some dial indicator tips to complement my indicators. Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Are cheap Chinesium any good...
  11. Canadium

    machine paint?

    I'm having a heck of a time finding a decent paint for restoring my lathes. I've researched this subject recently until I was blue in the face and I'm still very frustrated with the lack of materials available in Canada. I've identified 4 major applicable paint types. 1/epoxy 2/polyurethane...
  12. Canadium

    How to machine these slots?

    I'm wondering how the slots in the inner bore of this gear could be machined. The slots are 0.28 inches wide, 0.15 inches deep, 60 degrees apart, and the bottom of the slots is radiused not flat. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to make a similar gear for my lathe with a different...
  13. Canadium

    Toolex lathe ON $500
  14. Canadium

    large lathe $4000 (for impressing your buddies!)

    Your buddies will crap their pants when they see this in your shop!
  15. Canadium

    HOWHA engine lathe Toronto

    Unfortunately above my price range.
  16. Canadium

    Hardinge DV59 lathe

    I'm curious what people on this forum think about these Hardinge lathes. There seem to be quite a few of them around in my area and I almost got one once. What attracted me is that they are supposed to be high precision. However it looks to me like they are designed for mass production of small...
  17. Canadium

    No tailstock Standard Modern in ON

    Would you buy this for $2000 without a tailstock?
  18. Canadium

    Mitutoyo combination square

    I don't know if this is the right place for this thread since people mostly seem to post awesome big machine finds here. This is more of a beginners small tool find that will probably bore most of you more advanced folks. It's a Mitutoyo #180-905 4 piece combination square in apparent pristine...
  19. Canadium

    Wyvern lathe in Ontario $1250

    I almost bought this lathe! I was the first in line and could have had it. I'm looking for something bigger than my 9A South Bend. I like the South Bend but its a little flimsy for my liking. Turned down the Wyvern when I saw it because I am not confident I could unload that by myself from a...
  20. Canadium

    9 inch South Bend lathe South Ontario Looks like a 9A (with QCG) and includes taper attachment.