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    Air Compressor regulator/filter/separator/drier suggestions?

    Recently picked up a nice little Jenny/Emglo 18cfm@125psi compressor on a 30gal tank. I want to add a regulator plus a water/oil separator and possibly a desiccant based dryer to ensure clean/dry air for various uses in the shop. Air tools get their own oilers. Any suggestions? Amazon has tons...
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    Princess Auto 7x12 Mini lathe, Calgary, $700
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    Craftex CX709 Lathe Calgary - $2900 2/3rds of new price?
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    Myford ML7 Lathe Calgary - $1750 Been a rush of local small lathes available. There was also an Atlas on teh weekend.
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    Mikron 90 Gear Hob machine, Calgary - no price posted
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    Hercus Metal Lathe Calgary $1500 Seller indicates he has people coming today, but first with cash in hand gets it.
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    Schaubin Collect/Turret lathe: Calgary $2800

    Looks like a 'project'... Price seems high...
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    Rotary Phase Converter $1100 crossfield AB

    Crossfield is Just north of Calgary.
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    Truing a 12" sanding disc: YYC

    I've recently acquired a Old Rockwell/Beaver 6x48" belt and 12" disc sander combo that I'm rebuilding. Unfortunately, some time in the past 50 years since new, the disc was dropped and is no longer running true to the bore I'm wondering if a YYC member could true this on a lathe. I need the...
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    Logan lathe $2500 Calgary (not a deal IMO) A fair price would be closer to $1500 wouldnt it?
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    LF/WTB: 1/2 or 3/4hp 1ph TEFC

    Anyone in the Calgary area have a TEFC 1/2 or 3/4hp motor lying around? I just picked up a rockwell sander and I need a decent motor to drive it.
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    Brown and Sharpe surface grinder $500 Kijiji Missasauga
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    Summit knee mill, Sajo Mill, and ColChester Student lathe, Stettler, AB

    Ad says 'contact for pricing' so I've sent them a Kijiji PM. Seller got back to me. The colchester is gone. They want 3500 for teh Summit and 3000 for the sajo. Says he's 'open to offers'
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    Atlas 10" lathe, Airdrie (Calgary) AB, $1200
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    Cheap Husky toolboxes at (??)

    So I came across today: 72" Husky wooden top toolbox for $99.95? Shipping calculated out at $0 for 11-18 day delivery. Am I missing something...
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    Looking For: Someone to do a small autobody welding job in YYC.

    Hey all, Does anyone know a decent bodyman who can weld a ~10" square patch into the box corner of my Ford Ranger? I *think* it should be a pretty easy job for an experienced body guy (person?). thanks! Chris
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    JiMT 14x40 Metal lathe in Vancouver, $3200
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    Colchester Student $5500 Chilliwack BC

    I think I've seen this one posted here before, but it seems the price has been reduced. Price is starting to seem reasonable IF the extras are as described. <quote> Colchester Student 6 Lathe 13"swing x 28" between centers in excellent condition. Made in England. Like new 10" 4 jaw chuck and...
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    2 Bridgeports in Toronto, $1500 each *still Crying in Albertan*
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    VFD to power a 4HP 230v/460v Bridgeport Motor

    For anyone who followed my thread on how to get a bridgeport 50m down an alley, it turns out the Bridgeport is a Series II with a 4hp motor. Online reading says it probably weighs 5000#. We'll probably set it up in his shop for now... Regardless, I'm going to need a VFD to turn this sucker on...