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  1. Debovsky

    Very busy week-end

    After committing on a bench lathe and milling machine two weeks ago, this week-end was a good opportunity to fit them out with the usual goodies. Installed a QCTP, 2 axis DRO, and work light on the lathe and installed the bracket for the 3 axis DRO for the mill. The linear scale of the ToAuto...
  2. Debovsky

    Positioning keys width underneath a milling vise

    Thanks guys. I'm gone to take them out. Indeed, even with keys, one need to indicate the vise anyway so never mind the keys. !
  3. Debovsky

    Positioning keys width underneath a milling vise

    I've scavenged this forum hoping to see if someone ran into the same problem as I do. Or perhaps it is just me who worry about something I should not. You tell me. I just bought a brand new milling machine (a CX611) and my 4in milling vise has positioning keys that are too large to fit the...
  4. Debovsky

    Any reviews or advice on the Craftex CX 611 milling machine for light steel work

    It looks like somewhere down the road, Todd's question was completely lost; what about the BB CX611 mill ?? I too am giving serious thoughts on this one. And NO I'm not intersted in a 1/2 a milion ton piece of antique machinery. Anyone has experience of using the CX611?. Thanks
  5. Debovsky

    New hobbyist from Quebec

    We are a few builder around here banging rivets and sometime composite material like so in the rest of Canada. Proportionally, I'd say we compare to our neighbors south of the border.
  6. Debovsky

    New hobbyist from Quebec

    I thought maybe I could share few pictures of my two current project. One is the aircraft build; an RV-14A. The kit comes from Van's Aircraft in Oregon, USA. I'm now 6 years into that build. The other one is a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 which I converted from a "Low" version to a...
  7. Debovsky

    3D Printing - machines owned by members

    You've got a point but what is 1:52 compared to 5 to 15 days waiting for a part to come from Amazon !?? :p :oops: ;)
  8. Debovsky

    New hobbyist from Quebec

    I've been a quiet member since last winter when I signed up but now decided to say hello. I bought a King Industrial combo mill/lathe last January and made some chips with it. Few tough lessons learned later, I trust I have improved my skills and knowledge into the art. Because I believe that...