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    spot drill 135+ deg

    Has anyone come across a (lower cost) supplier of spotting drills with included angle of 135-deg or more? I've been hunting the usual catalogs. The ones made in USA are very spendy. For example USA KEO 142-deg, 3/16" shank is about ~35CAD. The Euro ones cost even more. I see lots of 120-deg in...
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    LiFePo4 12v

    I've been lugging my old school 12v 55 A-hr deep cycle battery to the flying field forever. I don't need anywhere that kind of charging capacity anymore & pretty sure one of my arms is longer. Been looking at these LiFe batteries because I can same capacity for a fraction of the weight. Or...
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    Video - Best Screwdriver Set? Craftsman, Milwaukee, Wera, Wiha, Klein Tools, Felo, PB Swiss, Tekton

    Just so happen I was in the market to replace some 'paint can openers'.
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    ER Hex collets

    Someone was looking for hex ER collets a while back. This came up on another forum. Not cheap (USD) but the full ER size range
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    Fixing a Power Feed and How They Work

    I know several of us have similar PF drives. Blondihacks did a disassembly, so might be a resource one day. I'm not very electrically proficient but some interesting discussion on the board components & design in the comments section. Now I'm also curious if an Align brand is any different.
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    pen making

    On another subject, Darrin1200 posted a link to this (Canadian) company That kind of perked my interest. I've been kind of interested to dabble in this area, nothing too crazy, maybe an occasional family gift. I'm guessing aside from the body stock material & pen/pencil...
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    L material ideas, exterior use

    Our outside deck & stairs have 15 year old Duradeck which we despise. Duradeck is basically a thick linoleum material intended for outside weather. One day soon we will reno / re-surface but unlikely this year. The issue is the noses of the stairs. A picture would help but basically the material...
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    Ebay pays

    108 sold * 3.73 $/ea = 402$ gross revenue. Wow, shop comedy pays!
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    Rust inhibitor

    There are so many products &, crazy prices - I'm starting to wonder about snake oil markup. Lets say I want to assemble typical outdoor use machinery like lawnmower, snow blower etc. that sees wet & dry cycles (corrosion recipe). Would spraying this stuff on fasteners & parts before/after...
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    Tariff rates for typical machining items

    Does anyone have a favorite method to look up tariff rates for typical things we might import from another country? For example metal materials or machine tool accessories - under what used to be NAFTA now CUSMA? I know this can get unwieldly depending on a bunch of sub-factors like country of...
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    Metalwork Calculators

    Some useful stuff
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    Some cool CAD & blowin stuff up mechanisms ...even more impressive is he uses <gasp> Cinema 4D on a <double gasp> a MAC! :)
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    Epub readers

    I'm seeing more & more self or re-published digital books in .epub (electronic publication) format available through Library, on internet, purchasable through Amazon or whatever. My question is any of you guys have .epub reader recommendations for PC? I don't know much about this topic but looks...
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    Ben Feist - Apollo in real time

    This is mind blowing. I recommend watching the YouTube first, gives some of the project background. Then website itself is here
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    home foundry link

    Some neat content
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    bar z 2021

    There are several other YouTubes out there but this was kind of a neat overview. James (Clough42) won the 4-jaw competition this year. Kind of weird, you feel like you know these guys. Seems alien everyone shaking hands & walking around mask-less. Soon!
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    spindle motor VFD

    Is anyone on the forum running one of these (typically Chinese) ER collet spindle / vfd combos like pic? I've been checking out websites & YouTube vids, just curious about a few things as the feedback seems to vary. BTW, I don't have a cnc router/mill & not really contemplating a build. I'm...
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    Ironhorse Park

    This live steam club came up in recent conversation, as did 'enthusiast' individual in second link & video. Wowzer. I haven't been there since my kids were young. My how the area has developed. Glad they got to stay. A couple of RC clubs got evicted back in the day...
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    West Weld YouTube

    Relatively new channel. Some neat projects & video.
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    Why Am I - Quinn Dunki

    aka Blondihacks. Kind of interesting fireside chat.