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  1. Debovsky

    Very busy week-end

    After committing on a bench lathe and milling machine two weeks ago, this week-end was a good opportunity to fit them out with the usual goodies. Installed a QCTP, 2 axis DRO, and work light on the lathe and installed the bracket for the 3 axis DRO for the mill. The linear scale of the ToAuto...
  2. Debovsky

    Positioning keys width underneath a milling vise

    I've scavenged this forum hoping to see if someone ran into the same problem as I do. Or perhaps it is just me who worry about something I should not. You tell me. I just bought a brand new milling machine (a CX611) and my 4in milling vise has positioning keys that are too large to fit the...
  3. Debovsky

    New hobbyist from Quebec

    I've been a quiet member since last winter when I signed up but now decided to say hello. I bought a King Industrial combo mill/lathe last January and made some chips with it. Few tough lessons learned later, I trust I have improved my skills and knowledge into the art. Because I believe that...