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  1. trlvn

    Hey Guys!!! I dare you to find a better auction than this….. Starts Tomorrow.

    The auctioneer is going to skim 30% off the top and has butchered this sale. The estate is getting screwed two ways, IMHO. Craig
  2. trlvn

    Thingiverse data breach

    Thanks! Changed...although I had to figure out the password was under "Makerbot Account". Craig
  3. trlvn

    Hey Guys!!! I dare you to find a better auction than this….. Starts Tomorrow.

    Too bad so many of the lots are random groupings of completely unrelated items. And the titles and descriptions are pathetic. Craig
  4. trlvn

    HiBid hacked? Do they have your credit card number?

    Interesting. One of the auctioneers I've dealt with sent out an email about an auction closing tomorrow. Near the bottom, after all the usual stuff, I was surprised to see: There has still been no official statements regarding the Hibid/Sandhills ransom attack but is this a reaction to the...
  5. trlvn

    Worthy project or piece of scrap?

    VintageMachinery has manuals and other documents related to Dumore tool post grinders: Some of these have an exploded diagram and parts list. Like you, I snagged an old, beat up TPG for cheap but mine is a Series 14 (little...
  6. trlvn

    Anyone ever come across Milwaukee mag drill ?

    Like this? You better get two so you have a backup. They're only $3,499 each!!! :eek: Craig
  7. trlvn

    Current Off Shore Order ETDs

    Would a guy lose his man-card for watching a Youtube video? Asking for a friend. Craig
  8. trlvn

    HiBid hacked? Do they have your credit card number?

    I got two separate emails from auctioneers announcing that was back up and announcing that their auctions were ready for bidding. Neither acknowledged the hack or expressed a shred of concern. So I replied to each pointing out that their service provider was hacked and asking how I...
  9. trlvn

    HiBid hacked? Do they have your credit card number? is still shut down, 4 days later.
  10. trlvn

    Daily Shop Improvement

    KBC Tools gives away a wall-size chart with their tool catalog. I think you can request the catalog online. Or if you are going to be near the Toronto airport, you could drop in and pick up a copy. Craig (I refer to mine all the time.)
  11. trlvn

    HiBid hacked? Do they have your credit card number?

    In Ontario, is the platform behind most (all?) of the online auctions in my area...and they've been unreachable since Thursday last week. Apparently hacked and being held for ransom. There seems to be little public information on this situation so far. The attack is apparently...
  12. trlvn

    How much would you pay for a Myford?

    Back in 2018, when I first started to get the metal bug, I attended an auction offering this Myford Super7: The machine was clean, well-lubricated and appeared to have never been abused or crashed. I believe the selling price was around $2,500 + HST. I talked to the buyer a little...
  13. trlvn

    Milling machine bit, clamps and shims Free Wasaga Beach

    I don't understand people sometimes. The milling stuff is worth a few hundred dollars. Other ads are giving away files and circular saw blades. Also a bunch of lawn furniture. If you can't be bothered to figure out prices, why not donate the stuff to Habitat for Humanity or some other good...
  14. trlvn

    Fixing a Power Feed and How They Work

    The breadth and depth of Quinn's knowledge is pretty damn impressive. One glance at a circuit board and recognizes it as 70's vintage and understands exactly how it works. What did she call it...a 'neon light' trick? Craig
  15. trlvn

    KBC 4" Griplock Milling Vise for Sale

    Did he have a brother John? ;) Craig
  16. trlvn

    Electric panel questions.

    I was shocked at the 80 amp reference. (Haha, "shocked"!) They call it "trickle charging" if connected to a 120 volt circuit. Apparently it adds 2 or 3 miles of range per hour of charging at that level. The 80A @ 240V is called Level 2 and will fully charge the vehicle in ~6 hours, IIRC...
  17. trlvn

    Electric panel questions.

    I was reading that home charging stations for Tesla vehicles can use up to 80 amps at 240 volts. What capacity did you rough in for your garage? Craig
  18. trlvn

    How much would you pay for a Myford?

    So I noticed a Myford metal lathe at auction down near Sarnia. The description only said "Milford Lathe 7 Blue Cabinet *Many High End Contents". Only 2 crappy photos. I'm no Myford expert but given the drip oilers and lack of quick change gear box, it looks to me like an older ML7 -- not...
  19. trlvn

    Hello from Owen Sound, Ontario

    Greetings from Oakville. Could you tell us a little about the metalworking you do? Craig
  20. trlvn

    $1000 Boxford Mission BC

    I'm no expert, but it looks like a variable speed model: Craig