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    KBC brand measuring tools?

    How good are the KBC digital calipers, dial indicators, test indicators, mag bases, etc? Will eventually need some starting tools and there's a sale now that may be worth taking advantage of. Thanks.
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    Residential HVAC in GTA

    Anyone know of residential HVAC person in the GTA area? Looking to relocate an exterior mounted AC unit and replace a tankless hot water heater. It's been hard to get a quote and whatever I'm getting feels astronomical. I'm located in Scarborough, Toronto. Thanks.
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    Bridgeport Project

    After 9 months of looking, @Brent H and I are picking up this Bridgeport on Monday. Stay tuned!
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    Thread Tape?

    Newbie TIG here. I turn off my argon tank valve when done. But I find that there's a really slow leak that isn't exactly evident but will lead to the pressure drop all the way to zero over night. Is this a acceptable? I'm reading mix things up using thread tape for welding.
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    WTB: Micrometers, Calipers, etc

    So I just got my first lathe and trying to get some other essential tools to start. I'm wondering if anyone has some micrometers or calipers for sale? Doesn't have to be top of the line but would prefer to invest in something that I can own and use forever. Preferable a set. Thanks!
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    New Lathe!

    I picked up a Standard Modern 11" Series 2000 lathe this weekend all thanks to @Brent H and his son! Brent sent me the ad within 30min of it being posted and I quickly messaged. As a result of our quick draw, the seller agreed to let me see and buy first. It was a bit of a gamble as there was no...
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    4x6 Horizontal Bandsaws

    I'm looking to get one of these machines and I understand they are all just the same from China customized for different companies. However, it seems like like the King KC-129C provides 2 year warranty compared to 3 year by Busy Bee CX122. Is that indicative of anything or even useful? I can...
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    TIG rod size

    From what I understand, the general rule of welding mild steel is to have filler rode size smaller than material thickness. Is it possible to use rod that's much smaller and just do several passes? For example, welding 1/4" mild steel using 1/16" rods and just layering it on. Is it just a matter...
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    Tool to bend flatbar?

    I'm trying to figure out what's the best way setup to bend flat bar and looking for types and specific product recommendations. There's this floor model in the cheap PA version: Then there's this bench style...
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    What do you think of this Bridgeport? I was going to get a mini lathe and mill but Brent has talked me into looking out for used ones. Any thoughts on this one? It's probably 570 volts so Brent has advised me it'll be...
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    Getting Started (New Haul)

    Hi everyone, I'm started on this forum interested in welding resource and tips but this has rapidly evolved to machining and tooling in general all thanks to @Brent H ! I started to look at taps and and various bits to compliment my welding. Brent led me to an ad that may contain a few of...
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    Starter Equipment Advice

    I'm building my equipment list and had decided on a Primeweld TIG machine thanks to @David_R8 post. I'm looking for suggesting on a first band saw. After speaking to @Brent H in person I decided this would be good starter and quiet tool for my garage while being friendly to my neighbors in the...
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    Hello from Toronto, ON

    Hi all, I'm in the Scarborough suburbs of Toronto. I did a weekend welding course meant for engineering students (I'm not an engineer or a student) and it got me hooked. I've ordered a TIG welder and looking into sourcing the rest of my gear and affordable material to practice on for the next...
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    Toronto Resources

    Hi everyone, I'm new and looking to get into hobby TIG welding from my garage. I'm wondering what are some local resources for materials and gas? I'm in Scarborough on the East end and would prefer something in this area. There's a number of shops in Scarborough but would like to get some leads...