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    8ft X6ft X 3/8" steel plate

    yup.... I can picture a life-size buffalo gong at 1000 yrds
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    Dry Dock heavy lifts and some additional information from the Home Built Gantry Thread

    Buddy of mine who owned a machine shop ( building with a bunch of manual lathes/mills & one CNC mill) in Cowtown often lamented to me that in the high demand time for machining done ( high one-off oilfield demand), when advertising for new employee's, he would receive 20 resume's for people...
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    Better drill press vise?

    Acme threads don't bind up as bad as pointed threads when being advanced or loosened under pressure ...less friction than to the larger area of a thread with longer slope to a thread crown and also less thread count per inch reduces engagement per inch of object but retains strength .
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    Better drill press vise?

    The last Acme tread rod I needed( for a cannon barrel elevation jack) I purchased from a local Bolt Supply House establishment . They had a large selection (1/4"-1 1/4") of the rods & corresponding nuts in regular stock.
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    Old Busy bee bandsaw

    Your gonna like it big time I bet. I was given a 4x6 metal bandsaw by a shop foreman that characterized it as a "wore out piece of junk" that you can have for hauling it away...and he helped me load it too. That was at least 25 yrs ago and I have never done a thing to that saw except change...
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    I purchased a Tete a sloter switch defecteuse !!!! Ya Baby!

    an auction with a minimum starting bid on everything isnt an auction...its an expensive garage sale.
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    Metal punch ideas...??

    I'll be long dead by the time i learn how to "link" any thing on this confounded machine...Google CASTBOOLITS and search "free-check' cutters in there. There are two ways to effectively PC bullets, the "shake & bake" method that requires the Value village oven & an old margarine container...
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    Machine Shop Auction in LaCorey

    Hmmm, there used to be a member on the CGNZ forum named Bartok but cant find any reference to him I know the reason...
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    Metal punch ideas...??

    As YYC says, I have made my own check-maker...but that was before I discovered Powder coating cast slugs...PCing slugs has basically made GC obsolete except to the most religious of sticklers of historical check-cutter basically has been retired to only a over-powder wad cutter for...
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    Some Mods To the Belt Drive On My Mill

    Excellent, very worthwhile job, something I contemplated doing to my belt mill as well but just never "got around to it ".
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    Home built gantry cranes

    the thing is...with trolley installed, it is there to use when the gantry is level...if it isnt level, just move trolley to the side & double wrap the cross bar with chain as a non-sliding lifting point...trolley will still be there for next time.
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    FREE - 3" Metal Screen/Fencing (3+ Full Sheets) - GONE NOW

    If somebody has a flat-deck trailer that needs some sides, that would work beautifully ,easy to mount & not much wind resistance on the road.
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    Hardinge DV59 lathe

    A fellow I used to do business with from Ontario made screw sets for antique rifles. Never seen his lathe but he said he used a Hardinge for all his repetitious work. Expensive little buggers but those screws he made were perfect replicas of originals from late 1800's....lost track of him, sure...
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    CNC plasma cutter build

    another method for accurate bends, should you have a hyd press available. I have used mine (20 T) several times to bend light or heavy (up to 1/2" thick) metal very accurately with judicious placement of sharp edged flat iron to use as bend starters. It seems that if the bend is started in the...
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    FRV30-GH1440B Lathe $3,500

    My Lathe is a House of Tools item as well and the lathes at Sait were "Modern" plated. My Lathe and theirs were identical right down to the casting joints flashing and hand wheels.
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    FRV30-GH1440B Lathe $3,500

    Force International = House of tools import. I think it is the same lathe my buddy bought just before they closed their doors, it was advertised as their "Gunsmith" model and when new, set him back just over 7 grand. it has been a good machine for him, will cut much harder material than...
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    Gingery Shaper Resurrection

    Farmer fix #-whatever it is up to now- Craig is there clearance on either side of the gear for a $4 PA "already slotted" pully flange to be welded to it. Slot your shaft to coincide with flange position and your away to the races. Second way if no side clearance is avail., could be to...
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    Engraving steel

    I didn't start my "construction trucking " career until the mid 80's so probably never met your father but I bet I did know some of the old-timers from that area that did . I also did a lot of work around Drum-Handhills-Hanna area. Gravel base course & paving secondary hi-ways was our "bread &...
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    Engraving steel

    Hey David My dad & I spent most of our lives building roads in Ab. maybe we crossed paths with your father or you somewhere along the line. "Dump truck" suggests maybe paving? I paved Ab hi-ways for most of 20 yrs. ....What was the name on the truck door if you dont mind???