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    gun drill

    Boy-howdy somebody got a smashing buy. Gun drills alone would easily be 10x the high bid alone. A lot of machinery for $2150. Tried to link but failed... google Clubbid Gun drill
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    Might interest some here

    From another forum I visit daily....The man is a true "artisan" in the truest form of both manual & CNC machining. Some of his other projects that have been covered include Falling Block rifle actions from a billet ( I would put them in the same "wow" class as the fishing reels we have seen on...
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    A Heads-UP for anybody with a mill-drill

    Ever since my mill-drill was new, there was always a little oily film that seemed as tho it came from the quill body. I just thought it had an oil bath for the bearings that caused the weeping a bit...didn't concern me much for the years that I have owned it but did always wonder how to...
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    Band saw

    I have an old 4x6 band saw that I picked up to do a rebuild on it but because of some health issues I have had to change my direction. The machine looks rough but this saw does run, it needs a bit of re-alignment on the saw guides and setting the spring weight on the cutter frame and a...
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    Plasma cutters

    When I first looked at acquiring on of these a couple years ago pretty much everything was in the $1500-2000 range, just a bit too much for the amount of use I would get from one. Now I have an opportunity to get a small job that will make it a reality to justify one. Now when I look at...
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    Hi all from cent. Ab.

    I've been around for a couple of weeks and I guess its time to introduce myself. I have a smattering of hobby machining equip. including a 13-36 Chinese origin lathe that I've owned for close to 20 yrs now and a # 45 mill-drill (the heavy post model that House of tools used to sell) and a...