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  1. Tom Kitta

    Huge Horizontal boring machine At 17300 kg it is a bit big. Supposedly in working condition when sent to auction. Worth around $4000 as scrap, all you need is a way to move this thing. To use it needs about 4m ceiling for its column and I am...
  2. Tom Kitta

    Hardness tester

    I have this box with a hardness tester. It comes with one ball, two used bars with few spots left and a bit dirty tube to observe the results. The idea is to strike a ball on know hardness surface and observe indentation size. Then strike on unknown surface and observe size difference. Determine...
  3. Tom Kitta

    What to do with surface roughness tester

    Some time ago, like few years ago I got this bin filled with stuff. In the bin there was this Surftest 211 surface tester. It works fine at least against reference plate. I seen then go for a lot of money online and newer version exists which has cool display and stuff. Basic operation is a...
  4. Tom Kitta

    Tapering attachment for kearney and tucker no 3

    So I got this attachment few weeks ago but it's too big for my machine. I have 2e and this one appears to be for #3. The round part with ram on the right side of the picture is about 1.5 inches wider on each side then my column. If anyone has a large horizontal this is for you. Mine is 3500 lbs...
  5. Tom Kitta

    Refractory lot

    50lbs bag of light refractory cement, one 15lbs pile of refractory putty and 6 round fire bricks to be assembled into a pipe or similar. Great for heat work. 60 OBO Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  6. Tom Kitta

    Two new Kennametal face mills

    One is 1.5 in the other 2 3/4. They do not have any sign of ever being used but have some minor scratches as they were not in their own box. Centers are:0.75 and 1 inch. Asking 250 cad for both. Please see pictures. I am in Calgary and can ship these out. Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  7. Tom Kitta

    Set of 6 small indexable valentine mills

    Comes in a box. I have too many. Need to sell some. Size from about 7/8 to 1.5 inches. Great for smaller machines. Shank 3/4 inch. Fits in er32 collet. Some have inserts. 120 cad i.e. $20 each. Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  8. Tom Kitta

    Reamers end mills and other stuff

    I have about 60 reamers I don't need as well as mostly new large ball end mills, new large 2" em some boring bars, some other tooling. For reamers I think 150. Contact me for other stuff. New ball 1 inch or similar em 20cad. This is left over stuff from auction. About 25% of what I got and some...
  9. Tom Kitta

    Converting lathe to CNC

    So I am loosing some hope of finding small CNC machines (say under 6000 lbs and under 15hp) and I am looking for small machines to convert to CNC. Parts seem available from China for reasonable price. Results are not "professional" - you cannot turn a 1500 lbs machine into 10000 lbs one but they...
  10. Tom Kitta

    $300 for 8" rotary table Palmgren Calgary Price looks good if in good condition. I think it not only rotates but also slides.
  11. Tom Kitta

    Are scrolls in the same size 3 jaw chucks the same?

    I googled and googled and I seem to not be able to find the answer to above question. Say you have two 6" 3 jaw chucks from different manufacturers - will the jaws interchange? I will test this theory today on small sample but I am wondering in more general terms. More specifically are the...
  12. Tom Kitta

    30 taper tool holderd

    One is shell holder less then an inch, one holds a modified boring head. One is home made and rough also holding some kind of hybrid boring head. Anyone have use for 30 taper? Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  13. Tom Kitta

    D1-4 dog driver and mt4 skoda live center

    Dog driver $40 live center $50 Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  14. Tom Kitta

    Few more items, cxa tool post and some chucks

    Japanese cxa tool post and two boring bar holders, 1 inch Jacob chuck, skoda mt5 live center. Tng100 collet holder nmtb40, mt4 draw bar holder for endmill, soft Jaws bison for 200 church, end mills for brown sharpie taper - very rare. New soft Jaws for bison 16". Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  15. Tom Kitta

    I have few micrometers for sale

    The 3-4 in the box is British and in like new condition. Others work but are clearly used. Selling as I don't need 3 sets. Say 30 for British and 25 for other 4 as a lot. OBO. I also have lots of hand tools for sale. It was going to auction but I got inspired to post it here first. Sent from...
  16. Tom Kitta

    2 lathes in AB 1st one is a 12x36 for 2500 with some tooling - Made in Taiwan. Can be a good deal if say price drops to 2000 & condition is OK. 2nd is what appears to be a bit worn craftsman...
  17. Tom Kitta

    TTC tool holders (Tormach), $80

    These are 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 as well as Mt holder for them. There is a chuck and collet holder as well but someone ground them. Sent from my JSN-L23 using Tapatalk
  18. Tom Kitta

    Where to get C02 gas in Calgary (cheap)

    So I tried KMS and they do not have C02 - just 75 mix with argon. I have spare 20ft bottle that is ideal for C02 but would last like 30min with the mix for rather steep price to fill. I also have large argon only bottle which I could use to mix both gases or just try MIG with C02 only. So...
  19. Tom Kitta

    Using horizontal cutters without keyway

    So I had in the past few of these and now I got few more and there is a guy on FB that has like 20 more for cheap. But how do I use horizontal cutters that are missing keyway that transfers power? Side pressure may be enough for a saw but not a carbide tipped 1" 5" diameter cutter. See image...
  20. Tom Kitta

    Other use for TTS tool holders?

    I got a tray of old style (without ability to use ATC) TTS tool holders (Tormach) there are 10 in total plus 3/4 MT3 collet with a draw bar ability. My first surprise was that on the ER20 holder and a drill chuck holder someone hand ground what looks like Weldon shanks - why would they do...