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    10th Annual Rust Junkie Fest

    Hi Darren, Thanks for posting and letting us know about this event, it was my first time and I really enjoyed it. I missed the beginning of your presentation, I was attending the host, Jack Forsberg woodworking shop tour, which was really entertaining and informative. After I walk out of is...
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    Tool Making Brushes and dryer tube clean outs.

    The self propelled air cleaning tip for dryer vent does exist. Just came across a video showing one in action. The dryer must be turn on at the same time he uses the cleaning tip. It seems to work quite well, the guy runs a business with that tool.
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    6" Pratt Burnerd 3-jaw chuck - $100 Victoria

    I have the same chuck and I love it, except that I am missing the inside jaw set. I just bought a 3 jaw VEVOR . This deal would of been so much better. Bummer!
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    Machine Upgrading a smaller metal band saw

    I stumbled on the same video a few month ago and really like it. Made the large and small table. Love it and to switch over the table top is a breeze now. I didn't make the outboard table yet, because, I had previously made a quick and dirty solution for that. I drilled and tap 1/4''-20 on...
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    Blacksmith Guillotine tool WIP

    That's what I call a very satisfying, productive day in the shop and to top it watching a GP race and sushi for dinner. Bonus! Blacksmith guillotine, tenonning, taper pin dies , smith ....... All new toolng lingo to me. I will keep following with great interest. Take it easy and enjoy the...
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    Metal Punch Set - Not Greenlee

    What I really like about the Neiko set you posted is it has a centering pointer. It aligns the punch much better when making washer like gaskets, shims.... Align the center pointer to a prick punch marking, punch the O.D , align the center pointer, punch the I.D and you got a well centered...
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    Blacksmith Guillotine tool WIP

    Looking forward to see what are some of the dies options and what can be made with this tool. I have lots of small metal drop which I am always trying to find a use for. Thanks for posting
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    Tool Making Brushes and dryer tube clean outs.

    I like watching these How it's made video's . The technic looks to be doable in a home shop. The filament holding cups and crimp is simple and effective for a permanent hold. Instead of the permanent crimp, maybe a threaded rod, nuts and cups would allow to change the filament to a different...
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    Tool Making Brushes and dryer tube clean outs.

    These duct must be the steel galvanized type, because if they are the flexible aluminum foil type, I don't think they would survive any snake or flex brush clean. At my previous house I had a short run, about 15' and I was able to remove the flex line and take it outside to vacuum it clean...
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    How should I attach the bevel gear for my power feed

    Thanks you all for the input. Three set screws will definitely secure the bevel gear properly. Will do. Today I made the 3/4"-20 nuts which keeps the lead screw in place. To make an internal threads I usually test my threading fit progress with the mating screw. I can't remove the lead screw...