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    YYC - Resurface turbo exhaust manifold

    I missed the latest replies so if you have successfully done the job, the above locations may be an option for the future?
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    YYC - Resurface turbo exhaust manifold

    Hi. You could try the Aero Museum on McKnight Boulevard NE. They have a machine shop for completing work on the aircraft they are restoring, and if you offer a donation to the museum, one of the excellent volunteers may do the job for you. Another alternative, although not a hobbyist option...
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    machine paint?

    Hi. I found this web site searching for Dulux Metalclad paint. I wanted to brush paint some vintage car parts with a hard wearing paint that would last for some time. I had a couple of parts that were still in good condition with original paint for a comparison. I contacted Dulux, and the v...