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  1. Xyphota

    Swagelok Benchtop Bender + 1” Swager

    I love all things tube benders and if this is still available when I have more available funds in a few months, would love to take it off your hands!
  2. Xyphota

    What size lathe do you have?

    You should do a poll for vises ;)
  3. Xyphota

    3D parts to 2D-ish laser cutting/marking

    It looks like your screenshots are from SolidWorks, you should be able to just click on the top face and export it as a DXF. When the DXF is imported into the gcode generating software, that program will take care of kerf width of the cutter and what not
  4. Xyphota

    Alba 4S Shaper Clean Up

    I just looked through the manual and it points out quite a few lubrication points, and the clutch is *not* among them, so this could be right! The parts list in the manual shows that the Elliott branded machines (i.e. newer machines) had clutches with shoes, but not the Alba machines.
  5. Xyphota

    Alba 4S Shaper Clean Up

    Been a few weeks since I could get back into the shop. I've made a bit of progress on the shaper. I've cleaned most of the grease off of it. It looks like it was painted while assembled so there was a fair bit of paint to scrape off of the table. I was *just* able to fit the table on my...
  6. Xyphota

    Surface Plate

    I bought these feet/casters for under my welding table. They are off-shore knock-offs of the 'Footmaster' style castors. For $60 for a pack of 4, I'd buy them again. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07Z1DVQX7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Xyphota


    What RPM were you running? Project Farm on youtube did a video on various Annular Cutters and even the cheapest one made atleast one cut through mild steel. Did you use cutting fluid or coolant? The teeth on your cutter look like they got too hot.
  8. Xyphota

    Bridgeport - diagnose and repair noisy spindle

    I’m on mobile so I can’t be fussed to link the videos, but if you look up H&W Machinery Repair on youtube, you’ll find they have 3-5 videos showing how to disassemble and reassemble all the parts in the head including the spindle bearings. To get the spindle out you’ll need to get the power...
  9. Xyphota

    Anyone looking to hire a junior-intermediate Mechanical Engineer?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm pretty comfortable with the hiring process, I was more so pitching the question about hiring situations where the position might not be posted in the usual LinkedIn, Indeed, Job Bank etc., for one reason or another.