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  1. Ironman

    a little excitement in my day

    We have found that Canadian Tire game cams have a long battery life 6 month and take incriminating photos, good enough that we took some thieves to court and won. The fool was two feet from the cam and did not see it, and got a nice selfy
  2. Ironman

    More useless information !

    He did not show up at the Stampede this year:cool:
  3. Ironman

    Tired of crappy rubber/plastic utility tires?

    Nice job on those run flat tires. Here's a couple ideas to save you some work and time. Use a section of 8" pipe from the scrappy's. These used some 3" angle iron for the spokes and a 2 1/2" long piece of 1" round for the hub. Drilled out the round to 5/8" ID to fit the axle.
  4. Ironman

    Dumber Idea: Hillbilly shielding gas: compressing exhaust

    The steam part of it means trapped hydrogen in the weld metal. I think engine exhaust would be better, but with cat converters there is little of that and more water vapor also. It will be interesting to see how this works out
  5. Ironman

    Swivel 7”x12” hydraulic metal cutting band saw - FREE - Calgary, AB

    Looks like mine, he spent a few hundred to make $64 dollar fix.
  6. Ironman

    What Ever Happened to All of the Great Canadian Machine Tool Builders?

    You have nailed it. When people are jealous of anyone making a profit, and it's evil twins resentment and greed rears its horned head, they vote for governments that will find ways to drive those people out. We are victims of our own success.
  7. Ironman

    a little excitement in my day

    As Foghorn Leghorn would say of the situation if you defended yourself.... “Pay attention, boy, I’m cuttin’ but you ain’t bleedin’ enough!” “Smart boy, got a mind like a steel trap – full of mice”
  8. Ironman

    Heat wave ?

    First time I saw that was in Jamaica
  9. Ironman

    Heat wave ?

    We have the most hours of sunlight of any province
  10. Ironman

    a little excitement in my day

    Dabbler, I am willing to bet that those kids have experienced what you are going through, but in their own home. This was not a one off, that's what scares them. If I have to deal with it, it will be with a lethal weapon. Never pick a fight with an old man, if he is too old to fight, he'll...