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  1. Stuart Samuel

    Unimat db200 lathe mill combo, $850, Kitchener, ON

    Price in title should read $850! (I followed the link wondering who thought they had an $8000 Unimat…)
  2. Stuart Samuel

    REIDEN-T200 renovation continues - stern top trailing post

    Just a guess! Haven’t tried this, and I’m sure there’s give to UHMW (and everything else, for that matter), it would depend on the force applied, and how repeatable you wanted it.
  3. Stuart Samuel

    REIDEN-T200 renovation continues - stern top trailing post

    Same. I find it a convenient way to, say, peck drill, or perform a small run of identical parts. As long as the bumper was hard enough to register consistently (say, UHMW polyethylene), it’d still work.
  4. Stuart Samuel

    8" Rotary Table, $100, Medicine Hat, AB

    Jeez, you folks out west get all the good deals…
  5. Stuart Samuel

    New Member- Barrie Ontario

    Welcome from the Big Smoke! (not much smoke these days, mind...)
  6. Stuart Samuel

    Maximat 7 long bed, $1800, Hamilton, ON

    Drove down to visit my friend Shao Pin in Hamilton, came away with a bag full of drill chucks and arbours, and he mentioned in passing that he was selling a little lathe. Sure enough: https://www.facebook.com/share/Ur7BxyWJkGzR3o7o/?mibextid=79PoIi Seller highly recommended, I’ve known him...
  7. Stuart Samuel

    SOLD - Stanko 6R12 Vertical mill

    I was really confused for a split second there…
  8. Stuart Samuel

    Newfoundland to Ottawa

    If you’re looking for other smiths in the area, Shane Stackpole over at Forged in Canada in Pembrook is a great guy. (I took a design course alongside him two years ago)
  9. Stuart Samuel

    I inch plate

    Ahhh… Yes, they want their hooks into you, unfortunately. :(
  10. Stuart Samuel

    I inch plate

    Not sure what to tell you? I just followed the Facebook ad link. Just reloaded, shows up as still for sale? Marketplace is kind of a mess, maybe it's a software thing?