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  1. ChazzC

    More useless information !

    Dog years?
  2. ChazzC

    Tool Is this a Rivnut setter?

    Other than the potential left-hand threaded end (if @DavidR8's are like this); not impossible, but not necessarily easy unless you have/get a LH die (McMaster has a good selection, but all cost more than a new tool kit. Would be better off selling to someone who already has the tooling. (not as...
  3. ChazzC

    Tool Is this a Rivnut setter?

    I (possibly) stand corrected: I believe that this is the Harbor Freight version of what @DavidR8 has: This one handles 6-32 — 1/4-20 Aluminum "Threaded Inserts". Each size requires a threaded stud (which his is missing) and a matching nosepiece (which he has). Here is my Rivnut Tool (with M8...
  4. ChazzC

    Tool Is this a Rivnut setter?

    My pop rivet gun uses both 1/8” & 3/16” shaft rivets: the shaft is inserted into the nose of the gun and is gripped by jaws inside the head. I’ll post photos.
  5. ChazzC

    Tool Is this a Rivnut setter?

    Yes, pop rivets: not enough leverage for RivNuts.
  6. ChazzC

    More useless information !

    You obviously have too much time on your hands up in the frozen North. Crown Holdings seems to have moved out of Baltimore to Tampa, FL (they have manufacturing/warehousing in Belcamp, MD and one in Elizabethtown, PA [about 10 miles from me]. I did a case study for a Global Business class...
  7. ChazzC

    New Member

    Welcome from Pennsylvania!
  8. ChazzC

    Tool Let's Get This Started - Tool Test Tuesday

    You should be able to open your photos in whatever app is included with you computer and export as a smaller file.
  9. ChazzC

    3D Mouse Recommendations

    Similar idea, but I only paid US$7 for each of mine. If I find any NOS ones at a decent price I'll get some more (after a couple of years the textured rubber surface begins to wear and get shiny).
  10. ChazzC

    About the iPhone photo format

    If you “share” the photos with a PC wirelessly, the iPhone will send them as jpeg’s. I haven’t had any issues uploading to the forum directly from my iPhone (just uploaded two in a reply to @Susquatch ’s question about a new mouse); however, they were screenshots so may be a different animal...