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  1. Larry_C9

    New Member- Barrie Ontario

    Welcome from the Cowichan valley on Vancouver island.
  2. Larry_C9

    Old motor, grease or oil

    My best guess is that there is a ball bearing in the end with the grease fitting so it should have some light grease. The other end looks like it probably has a bushing so some SAE 30 oil would be good. This is only an educated guess from looking at the pictures.
  3. Larry_C9

    File size too big when attaching photos

    From your picture you look like you could be that old hi hi. I couldn't resist
  4. Larry_C9

    File size too big when attaching photos

    In Windows 10 I just use the resize feature in Windows paint.
  5. Larry_C9

    Tool Using 1/4" lathe cutting tools in a holder made for 1/2" tooling

    I was recently machining some very small parts in the lathe and decided I could only access it with 1/4" cutting tools. I want to have a good rigid mount for the 1/4 cutting tool so I squared up a piece of mild steel stock I had to fit the full length of the 1/2' slot in the AXA tool holder. I...
  6. Larry_C9

    Machine Mounting an AXA tool holder on a lathe with a high compound slide.

    When I sold my old combination lathe and bought a new lathe I kept the AXA tool post and tooling to put on the new machine. After getting it mounted up I found the the compound was a little too high even when the tool holders were at the very bottom of the travel. The largest I could use in...
  7. Larry_C9

    New Milling Machine - Craftex CX-601

    Looks like a new machine. Mine is nowhere near that clean looking any more. Still doing the job well though.
  8. Larry_C9

    What House are you?

    Milwaukee all the way.
  9. Larry_C9

    Not getting any Email Notifications

    I got about 4 dated yesterday, but nothing before that back to Apr. 17
  10. Larry_C9

    Not getting any Email Notifications

    I just checked this morning and I haven't received an e-mail from the forum since April 17.