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    Baldor Vertical Surface Grinder, $3500, Olds, AB

    That’s a carbide grinder in my world
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    Mill top of anvil flat?

    I use h.s.s. drill bits for hardfacing with my Miller tig welder. You could just tap the flux off of a hardfacing stick rod and use that for tig, depending on the rod size and amperage of your machine.
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    Affordable pressing implement?

    Lots of guys on YOUTUBE modify hydraulic wood splitters.
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    BXA toolholders

    I have a real Aloris BXA tool post I bought from Enco with a 60% off coupon. Its wedges are both wider and longer than my Chinese ones. When I lockdown a tool holder on the Aloris, it locks solid. On the Chinese ones I can feel the locking mechanism flex a bit, not a big deal really. I assume...
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    Bridgeport Milling Machine $1200.00

    Short table, has 2 heads, maybe a shaper head or cherrying head on the back. Great deal.
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    Brass $5 pound

    There is a posting in materials on a guy selling brass in Airdrie, Albert’s. A friend bought some 1/2 “ square 3 foot pieces from him.
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    Secondary Operation Production Lathe, 7 tools, auto index, $3500, Black Diamond, AB

    Price is unreasonable, but if your around Calgary you will save thousands on shipping.