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    High speed CNC router spindle question

    I have an Ugra air cooled spindle with max rpm of 12000. They say don't run it less that 4000rpm. The torque curve is linear so as DavidR8 said the torque is pretty much non-existent at the really low speeds. I am currently switching to a belt driven spindle with a servo motor so I can run at...
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    What House are you?

    Makita for me, not because I'm a fan boy or anything, just can't see going and buying all new batteries. Some things work well, some not so much. I would not recommend their battery powered 36v vacuum. I have a 1/2 hammer drill that is 40 years old, been with me most of my adult life and...
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    They have a pro model out now. 18K for that one. Higher pressure and such but the footprint is the same.
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    Surface grinder, $1000, Aurora, On

    Just wondering if something like that is takeapartable so I could put it in the basement? I sometimes wonder why I live here.
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    Any bearing experts aboard?

    Do the bearings have the v on them to indicate how to align them? Are you worried that you are a buying a set of matched bearings that aren't actually matched, or the box just originally had two bearings in it that were never intended to be a matched set? I'm no bearing expert.
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    Gear clearance

    Not sure if there is any good information in here but....
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    Timing belt and critique drive concept please

    Not sure if it is something you would consider, but this is an option. Go to about 5 minutes into the video to see what he did with the Z axis.
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    Bought a SouthBend 9” - Hints on things to look for at setup?

    It is a SB Model A from mid 1960s. It has the under drive. The carriage is a kit from Metal Lathe Accessories. Not sure about the link belts, they work very well, but I haven't tried using them in reverse.
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    Bought a SouthBend 9” - Hints on things to look for at setup?

    In case anyone is interested on how I mounted the dro scales.
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    Bought a SouthBend 9” - Hints on things to look for at setup?

    I bought the scales off of amazon: High Precision IP67 Magnetic Scale 5um,Water-Proof,Oil-Proof,Anti-Dust,50-3000mm Magnetic Linear Encoder for Woodworker, Lathe,Milling Machine,Bridgeport (550mm~820mm/22''~32'') High Precision IP67 Magnetic Scale 5um,Water-Proof,Oil-Proof,Anti-Dust,50-3000mm...