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  1. StevSmar

    Tool organization with Gridfinity

    It’s a great idea, though I’d be nervous about what happens when the flock of tools expands… A modular design seems like it would make this certainty less painful though. I think I want a welder before a 3D printer…
  2. StevSmar

    Global reach of scammers

    Facebook marketplace seems to be making it too easy for scammers too. eTransfer or bitcoin are a scammers dream.
  3. StevSmar

    Forum Change Log

    Thanks for being instrumental in the operation of the Forum. I REALLY appreciate that you’ve allowed me to connect with other Canadians who share my enjoyment (Obsession?) with tool purchasing. Wow, nearly 10 years is a long time to volunteer! Enjoy the change in priorities! @Susquatch or...
  4. StevSmar

    Wood tool chest finish-boiled linseed oil?

    Stefan Gotteswinter had a video where he said (paraphrased) “People say that wooden drawers cause tools that directly sit on them to rust, but I’ve never had that problem because I finish my drawers with ??? Oil… (some sort of oil, it was probably Linseed Oil) I’ll be able to let you know in a...
  5. StevSmar

    Welding table, $800, Lethbridge, AB

    It’s not just a dog’s tail, it’s a lucky charm to ensure that the legs don’t collapse and drop the 2” plate on your foot…
  6. StevSmar

    Hobby machine shop for sale( WILL NOT SEPARATE), $27,999, Norfolk County, ON

    Well hopefully they are not successful, it seems all resellers do is increase the price. There are lots of advertisements in Model Engineer for buying complete workshops in the UK, and I wonder what their multiplier is on the purchased price.
  7. StevSmar

    Tool Tools to set angle on compound fairly accurately?

    The method you’ve presented does seem the most straightforward overall. PLUS- I’d almost certain I could use this to justify buying another tool so that I can set the indicator perpendicular to the ways (carriage).
  8. StevSmar

    Tool Tools to set angle on compound fairly accurately?

    Yeah, I should just learn how to do that…
  9. StevSmar

    Tool Tools to set angle on compound fairly accurately?

    That’s a great suggestion! I have one from my high school days that just needs a bit of repair! Wonder if the plastic is brittle now, getting on 40 years ago- OMG.
  10. StevSmar

    Tool Tools to set angle on compound fairly accurately?

    I was being cheap. The brass I was turning was maybe 4” long, so I couldn’t set my compound the normal way without it hitting the chuck, so I needed to rotate it around by 180 degrees from my lathes 41 degree mark. Now I realized I missed a good opportunity to purchase more stock…