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  1. darrin1200

    Drill Doctor 500X

    Just sent you a pm.
  2. darrin1200

    Really this happens tomorrow

    Congratulations Dusty. I wish you many more.
  3. darrin1200

    Feeler: Looking for a Favor..........?

    No worries. I also belong to a Canadian Woodworking forum. Over there they call it Ruckering. I have seen lots of things moved around, especially on the 401 corridor, sometimes with as many as 6 or 7 stops. I have even, literally, seen tools moved across the country.
  4. darrin1200

    Feeler: Looking for a Favor..........?

    If you haven’t got someone, and the seller can wait, I will be in Ottawa on the 28th of May.
  5. darrin1200

    Northern lights at Canada's far south!

    Looks gorgeous. On my bucket list of things I’ve never seen. It’s to bad we had heavy cloud cover last night.
  6. darrin1200

    Good wood for tool chest

    That looks awesome, and fits perfectly
  7. darrin1200

    Tool Drill Doctor Experience

    I love mine, because I am horrible with sharpening.
  8. darrin1200

    Good wood for tool chest

    Not sure where in Ottawa you are located. A couple of good wood locations are; KJP Select Hardwoods over in Nepean Wood Source. In Manotick Not sure if you get down to Ogdensburg at all, but i just saw this the other day In Harbor Freight. $85 US is pretty cheap And it’s not bad quality...
  9. darrin1200

    Tool N2M engravers ball vice

    Ive decided to make a brass thumbscrew. I’ll drill a hole through, then square it with a file. Engraving is exactly why I bought the vice. I want to add embellishments to my pen work. This is en example from a buddy of mine in the US, Tim Cullen. He’s been doing it about three years now.
  10. darrin1200

    Tool N2M engravers ball vice

    It’s called a ball vice. It’s used by hand engravers to hold the piece being engraved and allow it to be maneuvered smoothly under the engraving tool.