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  1. ducdon

    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    Placing the angle blocks on the inside of the jaws is definitely the most accurate way, but kind of difficult when you have a work piece in the vise. My most recent project was making insert tool holders . The pocket that holds the insert has multiple angles which I achieved by using the angle...
  2. ducdon

    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    I'll add that to my Amazon watch list THANKS
  3. ducdon

    Tips/Techniques CA-AB ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

    I recently purchased Hydraulic Oil to change the oil in my lathe. My recollection of how much oil was needed failed me and I over bought. Of course I didn't save the receipt. So for anyone in the Calgary area who would like it. $20. Sells at Canadian Tire for $42.99 + Tax. Located in Airdrie.
  4. ducdon

    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    I have a small collection of precision angle blocks. I have been using them to dial in angles on my milling vise by placing them along the back of the fixed jaw and running a dial indicator along the angle.. I've used Duct Tape, painters tape and a mag base from a dial indicator to hold them in...
  5. ducdon

    Clutch slave number two.

    OMG looks very Yamaha ish to me. Some time ago I fought the good fight trying to get an XS650 clutch that worked well. In the end I went hydraulic like you, but somewhat differently. I have pictures I could post if your interested but I don't want to high jack your thread.
  6. ducdon

    Calgary & area meet up Spring 2024.

    Count me in. I have some small shop and machine related donation items for a sales table. Proceeds to club or event. Looking forward to a good visit,
  7. ducdon

    SM change gears - Imperial 1120 for metric gears

    127/50 is the standard conversion ratio all lathes. It's derived from 2.54 Centimeters = 1 inch. 2.54/1 = 254/100 = 127/50. Change gears from other lathes not just SM may also work?
  8. ducdon

    Tool Slitting Saw Holder

    When tightened down the machine screw head is flush with the bottom of the arbor. I could possibly counter sink it a bit more and thin that bottom piece but there's not much to gain. I can't remember what I did exactly but it only protrudes about 1/8 to 3/16 below the blade when screwed down..
  9. ducdon

    Tool Slitting Saw Holder

    4 inches.