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  1. combustable herbage

    5" 6 Jaw Chuck - "New" - NS. $320

    Nice find, you don't see 6 jaws that often and you found 2 , quite desirable for some.
  2. combustable herbage

    Yellow bandsaw $60 Calgary, AB

    Your playing the ugly card??:eek::eek:
  3. combustable herbage

    8" Vertical Horizontal Rotary Table, $400, Ottawa, ON

    Thumbs up from me for the seller Shawn, helping an elderly friend liquidate his hobby stuff because he has developed mobility issues. Got the shop tour, the surface grinder is basically brand new 27K now down below 8K and still no interest which he found frustrating. Most of the stuff is barely...
  4. combustable herbage

    Really this happens tomorrow

    Congrats Bill!! wishing you many more:D.
  5. combustable herbage

    Thin Parallels$20 Missisuaga Ont.

    Great deal on thin parallels, has regular ones for $10 other machining items as well. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-tool-other/mississauga-peel-region/parallels/1693867539
  6. combustable herbage

    Tool Tubing Bender

    Now my Cdo (as it should be) is kicking in, the 3 small metric sizes on the anvil are marked very incorrectly, can't see anything else in the picture, get the grinder:p:rolleyes:
  7. combustable herbage

    New member saying hi

    It could have been, I didn't check any history, I thought I saw the same ad on kijiji but not sure, end up looking at so many of those ads, hard to remember this one being unique with all the accessories but as I saw on another fb scam site it was a similar type stolen photo so makes it hard to...
  8. combustable herbage

    Emco compact 5 lathe Cornwall On $850

  9. combustable herbage

    New member saying hi

    Yes just south of Ottawa, I have been here 14 years and its changed a lot, can't imagine it back in the 70's . I saw this mill on facebook, the part that I liked is it has a lot of tooling with it which can save. otherwise your in a bit into the hobby and up to you how much further you want to...