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  1. TOBARApprentice

    Stuart and Other Steam Engine Castings

    Hey EVERYONE! Selling casting sets for a friend who is downsizing his shop, and collection. Prices are negotiable, shipping across Canada at your expense. From a clean, smoke free shop. The more you buy, tue better the price. Some of the pricing is estimated (for the large non Stuart)...
  2. TOBARApprentice

    Rocketronics ELS Pro for my Standard Modern.

    So I’ve now received the Rocketronics ELS Pro and it is time to “Pimp my Lathe”. Starting with a Standard Modern Series 2000 13” that is now in my basement workshop. Pics and progress to follow but the plan is to have this project completed by the end of March. Upgrades include: 1. Fagor 2...
  3. TOBARApprentice

    Looking for a Myford ml7 4 jaw chuck.

    I have a 4 1/2 inch 4 jaw listed on Kijiji….. you’d need to machine a backing plate but aside from that it’s a little gem. I am coming to Edmonton several times in December and could bring it with me. Cheers. Derek.
  4. TOBARApprentice

    EVERLAST 210 EXT TIG Welder with Accessories $1750

    Would you shoot me a telephone number so we can chat, I’m interested. Cheers. Derek
  5. TOBARApprentice

    Hello from Hamilton

    Welcome from Ancaster. You’ll find a great group here! Too, perhaps reach out to the HMEC. While they are generally into the hobby/model engineering most are retired from the industry and the group has a lot to offer and not just building little engines. Cheers. Derek
  6. TOBARApprentice

    Good morning…. Any chance in your “clear out” that you might have any machine levelling feet...

    Good morning…. Any chance in your “clear out” that you might have any machine levelling feet? Just a shot in the dark. Thanks. Derek
  7. TOBARApprentice

    Surface Grinding Textbook

    Hey everyone! Just a follow up. I ordered these 4 books on eBay. 3 of the 4 are really useful, the 4th will be listed in the coming days, lol. So….. what have I learned so far? 1. Machine is Level and on Concrete 2. A good wheel with a nice “ring” is on the hub securely and not too...
  8. TOBARApprentice

    Surface Grinding Textbook

    The original motor was balanced so I bought a balanced motor to replace it. It was just shy of $700 but I thought worth it. However the motor shop laughed at be because the connection from the motor to the spindle is a rubber “lovejoy” connection. We’ll see how things shape up over the next...
  9. TOBARApprentice

    Surface Grinding Textbook

    He’s made a few video’s that are awesome and has the same grinder as I do…… Remarkably helpful.
  10. TOBARApprentice

    Surface Grinding Textbook

    Thanks! Just about to depart Vancouver for Cancun. I’ll check out by the pool later today or tomorrow. Cheers. Derek