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  1. Rauce

    Colchester Mascot 1600, oil pump repair

    Hey folks! We just got a new (used) lathe at work. This came about through a friend of mine who manages the machine shop at a heavy equipment manufacturer. It’s been redundant for some time and they needed space for a new CNC. Their usual machine tool dealer they work with offered them scrap...
  2. Rauce

    Tool Budget DIY Scraper Advice Needed

    I have a set of those cheap bearing scrapers. I cut the HSS tip off the flat scraper and used it to make a pull scraper for the one awkwardly positioned way on my hendey carriage. It works well but does need frequent sharpening. Sharpening a HSS pull scraper bit is really easy with an oil stone...
  3. Rauce

    CA-ON Today's "new" steel prices - ptbo, on area

    It depends on the location since they’re a franchise. The Stoney Creek one used to have a bin by the cash for hot and cold rolled cut offs at I think 50 cents a pound. They had some other cut offs (stainless, aluminum and alloy steel) up front too that sometimes you could work out a deal on.
  4. Rauce

    Lathe Spindle End- Play

    There was a rule of thumb about bearing housing temp and hands I was taught in millwright school. Something like if you can keep your hand on it comfortably for more than 10s that tells you it’s less than 60C. Regarding setting preload the only thing I’d add is that you might find that a very...
  5. Rauce

    CA-ON Today's "new" steel prices - ptbo, on area

    Yup, they have an outdoor yard where they put stuff from the scrap operation that they think they can sell for more than they get melting it down. Mostly structural steel, I beams, diamond plate, grating, pipe. Sell by the pound, not sure what the going rate is now. There are a couple bins...
  6. Rauce

    CA-ON Today's "new" steel prices - ptbo, on area

    Best place around here (Beach Road Steel) is owned by the same family that owns a big scrap yard in town. They keep a lot of “secondary” material on hand and you can get a great deal. Prices on new material are also excellent if you’re buying full lengths.
  7. Rauce

    Christmas Goodies

    Yes, I have basically all the small parts that aren’t in the head (I sold the head complete). Handles, dials, leadscrews etc. I’ve been cleaning out my shop and wondering what to do with the stuff to be honest.
  8. Rauce

    The “free” First LC-1 1/2 VS Mill

    The touch DRO has been great so far. So much faster to pick up an edge and position the tool than doing it the way I was before without a DRO. I haven’t yet explored the full capabilities of it though.
  9. Rauce

    The “free” First LC-1 1/2 VS Mill

    I ordered regular glass scales for X/Y/Knee. I kind of trust them more I guess and there are no space constraints so I didn’t feel I had to with magnetic scales. Custom brackets will definitely be needed for the knee which is why I’ve put it on the back burner for now. I should mention that I...
  10. Rauce

    The “free” First LC-1 1/2 VS Mill

    I’ll have to check that, the noise is both the fan and the HF whine. I’ve always figured the whine was unavoidable with VFDs but in my experience the higher end units have quieter fans which in some cases work on demand instead of always being on. Yeah the vise has been great, I have two that...