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  1. whydontu

    New member Southern Ontario

    Welcome from Vancouver!
  2. whydontu

    Is Busy Bee ever going to open a new store in BC ?

    I doubt it. I spent an enormous amount of money at BB, but the reality is Grizzly in Bellingham is two hours from downtown Vancouver, has infinitely better service than BB, much broader product selection, and much friendlier staff. Plus the pilgrimage to Grizzly also allows the Cruise Director...
  3. whydontu

    printing to a laser engraver without human interaction?

    Not sure how simple you would like, but two minutes with Word generated this. Entered text in Word, print to .PDF, import PDF into Lightburn, a couple of clicks to size and frame, then hit start. Sample is on a scrap of MDF, no attempt to do anything fancy. My ancient rotary engravers could do...
  4. whydontu

    Carl Zeiss Granite Surface Plate $400 Maple Ridge BC

    46” x 41” x 8” https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/353418940908258/
  5. whydontu

    Boxford ME-10 Lathe $1200 Burnaby BC

  6. whydontu

    Monarch 18x54 Lathe $9000 Langley BC

    Maybe not a deal, but these are amazing lathes https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1358337908170026/
  7. whydontu

    Shop What's Happening in Chazz's Shop?

    This triggered my OCD : Occasional Cutter Depravation
  8. whydontu

    Hello from Edmonton

    Welcome from Vancouver!
  9. whydontu

    Shop What's Happening in Chazz's Shop?

    Labels = excuse to buy four different engraving machines