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    Small torque wrench or gauge?

    I've had the K-D 2955 beam style for over 20 years, primarily to set up differential gearsets. I very much like it and it has been handy for a number of situations. Gearwrench now owns them, but this is almost exactly like mine, from a Canadian supplier...
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    Tap Sockets/Drivers

    @Dan Dubeau I got some taps with the "interference fit nut" treatment (among a number of "customized" tools) when I bought a box of tools off a retired HD mechanic when I started my HD escapades. I found the ones from his old set very handy for cleaning threads out in engine blocks and heads...
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    Tap Sockets/Drivers

    I have a set of the Lisle ones in my tool box, Harold from Amateur Redneck Workshop got me on to them. They live in my mechanics tools and are some of the best money I've ever spent. I REALLY like @Dan Dubeau 's idea and the design of his, there may need to be a set of those made here at home...
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    Tool Slitting Saw Holder

    Lol, not Amish, but Orthodox. :D For what it's worth my saw arbor was just made out of a lump of scrap and a leftover transfer gear bolt from a 41TE transmission, I really like design that @jcdammeyer drew up as it has the big retaining nut.
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    Video- The Turbo Encabulator

    Lol, my tech school instructor showed my 4th year Automotive class this when I was at SAIT 21 years ago, and my 4th year Heavy Duty instructor showed it to my class 2 months ago. This one never gets old
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    Recycling scrap

    Nice! I'm a fan of repurposed machinery/vehicle parts. This is why we packrat stuff away for "someday!"
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    Edmonton Alberta

    Hi Neighbor, from just West of you in Spruce Grove! What sorts of work are you gearing up for?
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    Shop heat

    I had to finish out the inside of my shop when we moved in, so a heater was a must for a few reasons. It's a double wide attached garage, house was built in 2007 but previous owner left it unfinished. On the bright side it meant I got to insulate and wire it how I wanted. Very thankful that it...
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    Tool Morse taper drill bits

    I'm thankful to have acquired a small selection of MT drill bits over the years. For sizes over 1/2" I still have a number of reduced shank ones but if possible I use the MT drills as they don't flex much. That and I've had a larger reduced shank bit start spinning in my tail stock chuck before...
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    Does the Name "Chambly Machine Works" Ring a Bell with Anyone Here?

    Hey everyone, just curious if anyone could enlighten me on who Chambly Machine Works is/was. I had never heard of them until I got this 4x60 belt sander last year at an auction. Used it once to flatten a Dodge 5.7 exhaust manifold but the belt that came with it was tired and just barely finished...