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  1. mickeyf

    Robot Arm

    Just read through this whole thread, even though I likely don't have enough time left in my life for a project like this. (Well, if I dumped all the other partly finished ones...) I imagine you are already well aware, but when I was in Victoria I found that Fastener Force was a good source of...
  2. mickeyf

    Tales from the S-100 dark side.

    This thread reinforces to me that if you're into technology of whatever sort, you're likely into technology of Whatever sort.
  3. mickeyf

    Tales from the S-100 dark side.

    @jcdammeyer After about 25 years mostly in Victoria, now outside of Duncan for the past 1-1/2 years post retirement. Daughter shared this link to our family this morning - I pointed out that she didn't know that Ethernet cable comes in "Cat5", Cat6" etc. and what those meant...
  4. mickeyf

    Fixing Moen faucet with no new parts or hardware store trips

    I needed a Moen cartridge, went to Andrew Sheret Pluming in Victoria with my old one a month or so ago, asked how much, they said $2.25 handling fee. I had expected to pay many $. Couple of weeks later a took another to them in Duncan, asked how much, they said "Nothing". I mentioned the fee in...
  5. mickeyf

    Tales from the S-100 dark side.

    I have long thought that "the kids these days" who get their start learning with a high level language have missed the understanding of CPU architecture that you can't help but get at least some of by coding with assembler. I progressed from Assembler to C, to Delphi. Then did contract work for...
  6. mickeyf

    Tales from the S-100 dark side.

    Wow, this takes me back. I have moved literally 20 times in the past 50 years and don't have any old equipment left, but do have a Z80B (I think that was the souped up 6 Mhz model) among the parts I could not bear to discard, as well as the 8080 that Intel gave you for free if you bought the...
  7. mickeyf

    A rose for my wife

    Very nice! However, in my case my wife propagate roses and has several hundred varieties. She would much rather have me dig holes, set up irrigation systems, built a greenhouse (current project), haul compost.... If I made her something like that she's wonder who this strange guy was and where...
  8. mickeyf

    Radial Arm Drill Press

    Just what everyone needs in their basement! And, it's on the Island! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/972278453831631
  9. mickeyf

    Upgrade on lathe and mill.

    A 618 is tiny. Would not take much to "push it's limits". Likewise the atlas mill. I had one, and enjoyed it, but it was really lightweight compared to almost any "mill drill" that you could buy these days. I would start by thoughtfully listing exactly what limitations you have already run...