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    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    I've made lots of sacrificial angle fixture plates just by locating 2 dowel holes with the angle worked out. Especially useful for odd angles or multi part setups. You can even add a 3rd dowel on the end of part to further constrain it in that dimension if setting up a series of parts or clamp...
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    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    Its a bit more fiddly to mate another block for an in between angle & clamp it in place too, but your setup lends itself better. One could make a dedicated setup / tooling plate with an array of holes to use those nice clamping heads. Another way I have accomplished this is just clamp a...
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    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    That looks great! Your 123 block remedial fix is smarter than what I was going to do which was machine my own threaded inserts & Loctite them in place. It never occurred to me to look for a 10-32 EZ insert. I assume the EZ thread OD matches the existing 123 thread ID? (remind me what size that...
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    Elegant way to hold angle blocks on a mill vice

    I've used a 123 block or parallel clamped in the vise jaws & then angle block(s) clamped to it from the end. - this gives you a better & preferable initial reference surface - your inside fixed vise jaw. Using the outer edge like you are doing is ~ok, but less reliable IMO. It can have a...
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    Machine enamels?

    Endura is really tough stuff & has years of service in harsh conditions. They offer so many products from sealers to primers to top coats, best to just call them. Wear a proper respirator for the 2K catalyzed stuff. https://www.endurapaint.com/product/ex-2c-topcoat/ I noticed they offer spray...
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    Machine enamels?

    There has been a lot written about paints for machines on the forum, but I'm getting strange results with search sometimes. Not sure if its been resolved. <edit, seems to be functioning again. This is page 2 of keyword = enamel as example>...
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    Drill Doctor 500X

    Housecleaning. Very low run time. $50 FOB Calgary, but guestimate shipping ~20$ in Canada.
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    Carl Zeiss Granite Surface Plate $400 Maple Ridge BC

    Nice. But those straps are making my eyes bleed
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    Looking for metal worker near Nanaimo

    Something to be aware either way depending on how much removal & where. If reducing the sprocket side, I'm pretty certain the tooth section is a defined, size-specific curve meant to operate within a specific roller chain size. Cutting/grinding off a flat on one side will yield a different...
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    Gear clearance

    I had to go back & see how the clearance story ended. Do you mean you 'offset' 0.02" to adjoining pitch diameters.... or? Then what about a train of gears like A,B,C,D - was B offset from A 0.02" then C was offset from B by 0.02" ? Good thing you didn't have a planetary gear setup LOL