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  1. SimonM

    5c collets-free

    5c collets, many duplicates I have no use for. 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” 3/4” 1” FREE Take all You pay for shipping.
  2. SimonM

    Assortment of brazed carbide lathe tools

    I’m cleaning up the shop in preparation of our move, got these with my lathe a couple years ago but Have no use for them. At least 50 3/4” shank kennametal brazed carbide lathe tools. At least half of the brand new. FREE Take all You pay for shipping.
  3. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    @Tom O Still got the house for another month. @Susquatch It was part of the conditions that we negotiated, they own the house but we get to stay until the end of July for free.
  4. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    We managed to get the house sold quickly, new owners taking possession Wednesday and we will move on July 29. I also, to my great surprise, found a local moving company willing to move the machinery as long as I could get it loaded. The only hiccup is that we are technically homeless and I...
  5. SimonM

    Searching for a Semiconductor for my CNC?

    My experience with Digi-key has always been good.
  6. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    @Susquatch We will need a large truck to move all of our stuff, it will be somewhat expensive regardless of which way we do it. I will keep the lathe and the mill and lathe, next tool purchase is a CNC mill(most likely a fadal vmc15). Lifting it on the truck is not an issue as I have access to...
  7. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    I am quite confident about moving machinery, 12 years working on/building drilling rigs taught me lots about lifting heavy and awkward loads. The problem is transport…I would like to move all of our belongings at once and not have to worry about carrying boxes and furniture. Uhaul has a 26’...
  8. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    Another idea I have contemplated is buying a shipping container to transport all of our belongings. Main issue with this plan is the lack of space to load it at our current house. We also could be using it as a shed later.
  9. SimonM

    Shop Moving across BC with a lot of equipment

    My lovely lady has accepted a job in Golden, bc and after almost 20 years in Pemberton we will be moving the family. We got the news 2 weeks ago and our house will be up for sale tomorrow with the goal of moving august 1st. We might buy a house if we find something suitable, rent until we...
  10. SimonM


    Anybody using a Trav-a-dial on the carriage of their lathe? I have one that has been sitting in the toolbox for quite some time, I was looking online for ideas to install it and found out they sell for good money on eBay. I’m now considering selling it and getting a DRO. Either way, it’s...