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  1. terry_g

    Boxford ME-10 Lathe $1200 Burnaby BC

    No Tail stock?
  2. terry_g

    Yellow bandsaw $60 Calgary, AB

    My Dad had one that looked a lot like it. It was from Princess Auto and it was a good machine.
  3. terry_g

    Our Motorcycles - Post What You Got

    I found this 1991 Harley Soft-tail that has been parked for years. It was involved in a wild life collision and was repaired but never put back on the road. It has 5600 miles on it. The owner says I can have it for $5000. It needs some work but nothing major.
  4. terry_g

    Allo-Allo - Is anyone out there?

    Someone once told me the happiest time in any man's life is the year following his first divorce. I know it sure was true for me.
  5. terry_g

    WD-45 Resto

    Any shop that resurfaces flywheels will be able to do that one. 14" truck flywheels have 4" recess similar to yours.
  6. terry_g

    Time for some fun

    Remember gas pumps that could not go over $1 a gallon so they adjusted the price to half then doubled the meter reading. This one was take out of service in 2018.
  7. terry_g

    Time for some fun

    I remember riding on one of these in 1970. It was replaced by a bridge at Kitwanga a few years later. This one is a 20 minute drive from my home.
  8. terry_g

    Lathe Chuck Questions

    I have a 3 jaw and 4 jaw mounted on D1-4 back-plates with no problems.
  9. terry_g

    Help Identifying a Mechanism

    I used to use a similar tool to set the length of the cutter bit for cutting the cylinder liner counterbores on Cummins engines. The square part with the plunger on the right is probably the setting standard.
  10. terry_g

    Lathe Chuck Questions

    5C collets are also made that can hold square or hex stock. I bought my first lathe in 1995 a South-Bend 10K. It came with a chuck that was missing one set of jaws. Finding another set for that chuck was not an option. I wrestled for a while with what configuration to get and finally I bought a...